Once Upon A Spring

April 25th, 2018

Well hello there!    It only took me four months to really get into the swing of this year-  but I ‘think’ I’m finally there.    Truth is, I’ve had a lot of soul searching going on –   trying to understand some things, while finding the balance of letting go of what no longer served me.      For a little while there-  I actually felt paralyzed-   something I didn’t share with anyone, not because I didn’t trust people, but because I didn’t want outside influences determining my process.

Despite us thinking it doesn’t-   the input of others- especially when it’s well-meaning family members, friends or loved ones, really does mold our perspective- and sometimes we want to figure it out without any type of influence.


I’m still not ‘there’ – but I am working towards several goals I’ve set for myself-    All realistic goals within themselves- but on the whole- the photo seems daunting at times-   because it means striking a balance that is outside of my comfort zone.     Again-  something I’m working on and at this point in time- I feel very good about it.

This is going to be a good year-   it is thus far, albeit a bit different than the ‘norm’.   I’m approaching things differently-   my perspective seems to have changed-  and at the core I feel good-

Where will the rest of the year take me?    I’m not sure-  but I would love for you to join along for the ride.

In the meantime-   I joined a gym.    No, seriously.   You aren’t hallucinating-  I decided that part of my self care needed to include a gym-    For now it’s a six month gift I’ve given myself-     then there will be vacation-    and then we’ll see what happens from there, but for now-   we live-   continue to learn and strive to find balance in a very unbalanced world.

How do you balance your life?

Sunshine and 44 Degrees

February 17th, 2018

To say the weather has been weird as of late would be an understatement.     The Deep South has had snow when snow isn’t the ‘norm’ and the West Coast has been experiencing warmer than norm temps for this time of the year.

Here-  everything is slowly awakening from the winter sleep and it seems that I fall into that category as well.    I am still struggling to find a balance to do everything that I want to do, plus all the things that I need to do.     I’ll admit this weather makes it even harder- despite my current energized state.

Currently I’m sitting in half sunshine with the doors and windows open.  I’ve spent part of the day in the kitchen-   part of the day out walking and exploring all the signs of Spring, plus exercising.

I’m half way through another round of Whole 30 and feeling fantastic.   It was a big struggle in the beginning, but I now feel like I’m ready to take on the world (at least most of the time).

I feel inspired by life-  despite the continued sadness and divisiveness that continues across the globe.    There seems to be a cycle of blame, anger, fear and getting so caught in that circle that nothing really happens and it continues.

As for me-   I keep choosing love, acceptance and an attempt to understand the things that so many of us will never understand as they aren’t from our perspective or life lens.     But I try, determined not to let the fear of what ‘could’ win out over what ‘is’.       We have today-   well, technically we have right now-   but my question not only to you but also to myself is what are we doing to make the most of every moment?

What do we want out of life?  What defines us?

Food for thought to ponder over- and more from me on this subject after I do.


In the meantime-   I have bacon wrapped chicken ready to go in the oven, and since we want to eat tonight, I better get to it.

On Living

January 14th, 2018

I bet y’all thought this space had become a ghost town didn’t you?    I guess you could say that it did for a while-   Like so many of us, I had to prioritize how I spent my time and if you know me in my real life at all then you know that I tend to fly by the seat of my pants most of the time- and my best intentions sometimes fall to the wayside.

I wanted to write- and even had MUCH to say, but rather than write- I spent most of my time living and thinking I would write later-   but as with so many things-  ‘later’ never arrived, until now.

In the months that have passed since I last darkened the cyber halls of this page- so much has happened.

I have met my sweet Australian friend Maggie- whom I’ve known from the original blog days- back before blogging was a thing.

My parents spent Christmas with us and we did some traveling.

I’ve had other adventures with friends and family, but mostly I’ve been thinking about how to best utilize my time in a world where I’m constantly being distracted.

Oh-   I also was bit by a cat, which resulted in the first tetanus shot in more years than I can count and a round of antibiotics (no, it wasn’t Mister M.) and no I didn’t learn my lesson with petting strange cats.  She was in heat- and I think she became spooked or over stimulated as she didn’t give me any of the cat warning signs.

I also invested in an Apple Watch which has made me oh so accountable to those little colored circles- and meeting my goals daily-  albeit not always a huge goal- but at least the base goals-   something I can do even when I am sick- which I have also done since I’ve had a cold this past week.

I have so much to share-   but right now I want you to know that I’m back and doing well-    Life continues to be one big blessing-  and I am learning daily-    Now lets see if I can’t get this place dusted off and start sharing again.   You will definitely see more of me-   and if you’ve stuck around all these years-  Thanks ;)

On The Eve of Irma

September 9th, 2017

Having grown up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, hurricanes are no new news for me.    As with all weather, I respect what Mother Nature can bring in a blink of an eye-   how things can change and be destroyed.

I have been watching Irma since the beginning.    I found out from diddy- that Irma was actually my grandmother (his mother) name.   Something I never heard until last week.   So while I wanted to have nostalgic and loving feelings towards the name-   the violent and frantic way that she gained speed and strength kept me from feeling anything but concern.

I watched the most recent update a little while ago-   and I cried.   While eating Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.   Something I’d told myself I would no longer be indulging in- as it’s time to get serious with eating 99% better and not just the 75% better that I do now.   Exercise has to become the rule, rather than the exception.    I need it-   and more than anything my body needs it.

As much as I’ve embraced turning the version 5.0-   I also know that my lack of exercise and making the right choices have slowed me down, plus given me aches here and there that I don’t need to have at my age.    So-   I want to do the right thing for myself and my body.   I’m healthy and don’t want to wait until I’m not to make the right decisions.

But Irma-    well, I allowed my emotions to get the better of me.

My thoughts and prayers are with all my family, friends and those I have and may never meet who are in this storm’s path.


Finally- Apple Event

September 1st, 2017

If you know me in my every day life-   then you know that I’ve forgone renewing my cell phone contract because I’ve been waiting for the September Apple event.    FINALLY, it has officially been announced for September 12th, where we can (hopefully) expect three new phones, one of which being the iPhone 8.    I can’t wait.

An iPhone was my first smart phone and while my other half prefers an Android phone-  I do not.    I always do all of his tech work, plus I’m also my parents tech person, so I was thrilled when they decided to go iPhone and I  have been waiting for this event.

I went back and forth on whether to grab the iPhone 7 Plus when my contract expired, because I really wanted it for my London birthday trip, but in the end-  I decided to opt with keeping the 6 that I have and waiting, albeit no so patiently.

I’ve read the rumor pages and I’m curious.    Which one will I end up with?  That remains to be seen, but to say I’m excited is the understatement of the year.    Yes-  I know-  I’m a tech geek- and guess what?  I love it!

Restful Mondays

August 14th, 2017

Lazy Monday-   That’s what I would call today.    After a fun weekend with friends enjoying some fantastic food and celebrations- it’s time for a new week and new adventures.   But first-  rest.    In an ideal world- that’s what Monday’s should be for, right?   Today is one of those days for me.

Since Mister M. is still on the mend & I have several projects that I would like to work on this week-   I’m taking today to give my body the rest it needs.

I have so many thoughts running through my head, but at the moment I can’t seem to collect them all.    Looks like it’s time for a cappuccino and a little time in the garden.


How are you spending your Monday?

A Little Update

August 11th, 2017

It has been a while.   Some of you who don’t follow me on Social media may be wondering if I survived and made it to the version 5.0 & the answer to that would be a resounding YES!

With that being said, the recurring theme seems to continue to play-   Life has been busy-   Insanely busy to say that least, but with the daylight hours getting shorter and the hint of Autumn in the air-  I suspect that things will start slowing down soon.

I had an amazing time in London for my birthday with Samantha.   I will share more about that on another day.  Since she left- work has been in full force and earlier this week my sweet boy Mister Mistoffeeles went in for thyroid surgery.   As I type this-  he’s lying beside me sleeping, with his makeshift collar around his neck.   He wanted to scratch his wound area, so I cut up an old sock and put it over his head-    thus far it’s working and he doesn’t seem to mind, which is the best part.

I am grateful to the vet for suggesting the surgery.   The medication was working just fine- but it was a twice a day ordeal, plus when we travel we need to make sure that someone will give him the proper medication at the time needed.    There is definitely the possibility for error with that- as we found out the first time we went away after he was diagnosed.

Now, he shouldn’t need medication any longer.    Granted, there’s the possibility that the other side of his thyroid will have issues-  but that is a bridge I will cross if I need to.  Right now, I don’t have to think about it.  Instead, I can kick off the weekend with time spent cuddling my favorite feline.


Home Improvements and Other Rambles

June 27th, 2017

Hi y’all- Long time no talk. Despite my absence here on this little space, I’ve been thinking of it- That counts right? I thought so. Life has been rolling along full speed ahead and while I would love to say that I have a perfect life balance for blogging, home and social life- I would be lying if I said I did.

Lately we’ve been all about home improvements, finally getting the living room completed and working on the guest room since we’re having my best friend since my teenage years visiting soon. To say I’m excited is probably the understatement of the year. I’ve been drooling over antique bedroom furniture from Laurel Crown & finally made a few purchases here and there. Now to finish pulling the room together. I have a week to do so. That’s plenty of time, right? Nothing like a ticking clock to shift things into high gear.

Gardening and Other Fun

May 21st, 2017

I have been spending a LOT of time working, exercising and getting my garden ready for the summer. I’ve been planting beautiful flowers and love seeing them begin to thrive.

Today, another trip to the garden center & I picked up two strawberry plants. I’ve never tried to grow strawberries- and these are both hybrids, so I’m looking forward to seeing if they do anything. I also grabbed some garlic chives- which smell absolutely amazing & can not wait for them to get large enough for me to actually use them.

In between that- I’m working on all the planning for a huge catering job I’m doing the first week of June. I’m excited about it, but at the same time, also a little nervous. As with most things- planning is everything.

Once I have that done- I’ll be able to concentrate more on the planning for my upcoming birthday trip- which I’m getting VERY excited about!

What’s happening with you?

Practice Makes Perfect

May 21st, 2017

Who else loves the sound of gibson acoustic guitar at guitarcenter.com? I spent some time a few nights ago listening to my neighbor play, and I have to say- he has made some massive improvements compared to the first days of their band coming together. I still haven’t got used to the late night practice once a month, which keeps some of us awake until at least one am, but since he always lets us know ahead of time- I really can’t complain. I make sure to turn the fan on high, which does help. I love seeing him thrive in his environment and continue to get better and better with each passing month.

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