The Gift of Words

August 24th, 2015

Something I admittedly don’t give a lot of thought to is how other people see me.    I am a work-in-progress (as we all are), but I know that I am a good person, I live life with good intentions and never seek to hurt someone.  I’m far from perfect, but I live a very blessed and grateful life.     If I don’t feel something is working for me, then I also am aware that the power is within me to change it, and not someone else.

Occasionally, someone will send me a random note out of the blue and they will give me the gift of telling me how they see me from their eyes.      Most of the time it’s something positive-   but if I am ‘getting off track’ to what is true to how I try to live, plus my character, there have been a few who have let me know that as well.      I’m grateful for that, because at times we get caught up in things and don’t always ‘see’ those little things that eventually add up to ‘big things’.

Last week, I received a note from a long-time friend.   It is someone who I feel knows me very well, and also someone who I value greatly as a friend.   We don’t have the opportunity to talk often, but we both know that our friendship is something we both care about.

I never ‘think’ about some things-   they just ‘are’.      In the message to me-   without going into all the details- she shared that one of the things that draws people to me is my sensitivity and authenticity.

It wasn’t an anticipated message, and quite honestly when someone writes something about me, I always pause to think about it.    I think about if their words resonate with me-   if it is something I feel is truth for me- a truth for them, or both of us.

In this case-   it’s clear she knows me well.   To know me is to know that I am highly sensitive.   I can feel things are ‘off’ even when I’m being told otherwise.     I could write an entire post about this subject alone, but today I’ll spare you.

Instead-   I’ll move to authentic.     It’s not something I think about-    It’s something that I ‘am’.      It’s interesting though, authenticity-  because people don’t always meet authentic with arms wide open-  especially if it doesn’t jive with their thoughts and ideas.    I am ok with that.    That isn’t about me-

I have never had a need to go along with something ‘just because’ it was what other people were doing-     I don’t need to be approved by other people- because I approve of myself.   Being ‘me’ is enough for me-    and ‘keeping it real’ is part of that.      I know it isn’t always the ‘popular’ thing, but I don’t mind about that either.    I do what works for me.

Her words were a gift to me-     as are all words spoken to me, from another persons perspective of who I am.    It gives me the chance to pause-   ‘check myself’ and keep it real with myself-    and make adjustments as necessary.  All part of the learning and ‘work in progress’ part of life.     I am so grateful for that opportunity-   we all should be.

So it makes me wonder-    when someone tells you something about ‘you’ through their eyes-  be it something complimentary or not, How do YOU respond?   Do you take it as an opportunity to pause, learn and grow-  or do you immediately dismiss it?

Shorter Daylight Hours

August 19th, 2015

Last night I was curled up on the sofa watching a movie with Marcel and I had the feeling that it was ‘really late’.   I looked at the clock thinking it would be pushing 11 pm, but instead-  9:30!    It’s the time of the year where every year I find myself finally adjusted to the summer daylight hours, only to be suddenly struck that the daylight hours have shortened significantly compared to the middle of summer.

One would think that it wouldn’t come as a surprise.  It happens every year, yet for some reason or another-  year after year, I’ll have a ‘moment’ and be reminded, sometimes not so subtly that Autumn is on its way.  Plus every single year, it catches me off guard-   and I have an ‘oh yeah’ moment.

It’s silly-  but continues to happen.   Why?  I have no clue.   The daylight hours may be getting shorter, but I feel that summer has at least another month left-   so I’ll enjoy it while I can before switching gears to comfort food, candlelight, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and the like.

There is still many adventures to be had this summer, and certainly a few more trips to the beach are in order.

Color Splash

August 7th, 2015

dishesDuring my birthday celebration month, a friend gave me four colorful plates.   She knew I’d been talking for a long time about replacing our dish set, and since I hadn’t found anything that truly reflected my style, I hadn’t made the move to get anything new.

It is no secret that I adore color-  all things color, so the plates she gave me were perfect.   I went online, found the set and began to think about ordering them.    I had some ‘mad money’ stashed away for something special, and the more I thought about it-  I knew that these dishes were the right fit for me.

I took the splurge and ordered them, and absolutely adore them.  Marcel loves them too, which is a huge perk, considering he’s very conservative when it comes to color.

I do believe our dishes reveal little pieces of who we are.   What do you think your dishes say about you?

A Helping Hand

August 7th, 2015

With Marcel and I having one project after another happening these days- I find myself getting a little behind on the cleaning. I love having a clean space, but sometimes other things take precedence. Today, since I have a little time to myself, I’m getting some of it done, but I do think that during these busy times, it would be nice to have help cleaning, so that I could fully focus on other things at hand. How many of you have help with cleaning, and does it help you free up time for other things?

I Love Great Customer Service

August 7th, 2015

I celebrate many things in life daily, but one thing I never fail to celebrate is amazing customer service. I had a problem with an Amazon order last week, and as soon as I realized, I gave them a call. During the course of getting it all sorted, I spoke to four different Amazon professionals, all of which were courteous and went above and beyond their duties as a customer service representative.

It’s these type of ‘little things’ that find me loyal to so many companies- both large and small. What about you? Do you find yourself being more loyal to companies who offer out-of-this-world customer service?

Thank you Amazon!

Getting it Done

August 7th, 2015

Marcel came home from work this morning to tell me that he would be going over to help a friend today with replacing a sliding door gear for apartments that his friend needed to repair their door. Marcel had helped him a few days ago to secure it after something had ‘broken’ and they were unable to get the door fully closed. A few searches and a quick order later, and they had the part they needed.

With my own ‘to do’ list being huge at the moment, I’ll admit being glad for a little time to do what needs to be done around here. Maybe then when he gets home- we’ll both be able to unwind and spend some quality time together without distractions.

Color My World

August 7th, 2015

pencilsYears ago, I bought the tin container of colored pencils that you see on your left.    My reason for purchasing them at that time has long been forgotten, but recently I’ve rediscovered them and have been finding great joy in the basics of coloring.

A few months ago, a dear friend of mine who was moving to Arizona, and getting rid of almost everything handed me a coloring book for adults, a gift from her mother-in-law.    “Here, she says-  take this, and enjoy it.”

I happily accepted her gift, and for a little while- it sat on the dresser in the guest room waiting patiently to be used.   Then one cold Sunday afternoon, I grabbed myself a cup of Chai tea, a blanket, the small box of colored pencils she gave me, along with the book, and out the door I went.     I went through the book methodically, trying to decide which to choose first.   No surprise to any who know me, I chose a page filled with cupcakes, and spent the next several hours totally engrossed in coloring each and every one.     The rest of the world was forgotten.

I was reconnected with one of my childhood favorites-  coloring.    A very basic past time- but a moment of quiet time spent intently with the colors and creativity that flowed from them.

On my birthday, one of my dearest friends gifted me with a box that contained a few more colored pencils, plus a book filled with coloring pages that are card sized, complete with envelopes.     The idea of creating small, beautiful works to then have a note written on the back, and passed on to someone else brought me great joy.     It combines two of my favorite things-   coloring and hand-written letters/ notes.coloring

She gave me a small container of wide tipped markers, which reminded me that I also had some fine tipped markers that I use for letter writing.     It was also a reminder that I had the above pictured colored pencils.

A love affair was begun.   Coloring these little cards, and then sharing with others has been a huge source of joy for me.    I’ve colored several since then, and also bought yet another card coloring book so that I can continue to color, plus share the love by spreading happy to someone else’s’ mailbox.

I also ordered The Secret Garden coloring book, which I can’t wait to spend time with as well.    It really is one of the best ways to relax and spend time with yourself.


Listening In

August 7th, 2015

I was watching a video from a concert a few days ago on my Facebook and I noticed that the lead singer had something in his ear. Since he is actually the brother of a friend, I dropped her a note and asked if it was some sort of device do drown out the sounds around him, but in reality it ended up being It was something I’d never heard of, but I love how it gives the band members a way to hear from their manager or anyone else they need to hear from during performance.

The Dog Ate My Homework- Err Tomato

August 3rd, 2015

Ok- It wasn’t exactly homework, but instead my lovingly nurtured cherry tomato. Below is the run-down on how my beloved doggie ate my homework tomato.


For months I’ve been nurturing (sometimes too much) my cherry tomato plant, turned tree.

I’ve waited in not-so-patient anticipation for the first tomato harvest. During the weekend, I found the first two had turned orange and excitedly waited to pick them. To savor the first tomatoes from my ‘tree’.

. As I ran bath water for JJ’s much needed bath- I ran outside to see if the beloved two tomatoes were ready. I was celebratory to find they were, and carefully removed them. Today, was the day I would enjoy my tomatoes.

Not wanting to forget the bath water- I put them on a piece of MS pottery that’s on my coffee table, and off to the bathroom I went.

It was then I heard it. Marcel saying, ‘We have a thief in the house.”

I return to the living room to find a very excited JJ devouring the rest of the largest of the small red jewels.IMG_4893

Since he wanted the second one (pictured), I can only assume they are tasty.

Gotta love a dog who loves his veggies and will even steal to get them.

Moral of the story- never pick tomatoes and leave them unattended when JJ is nearby.

Happy Monday y’all.

Vacation Planning 2.0

July 31st, 2015

I love traveling. As much as traveling, I love the planning. I really do believe that exploring the places to see along the journey, mapping out a route- which allows us to maximize our time is part of the fun.

Today I’ve spent some of my day working on upcoming European vacation travel plans and to say that I am excited is an understatement.

Part of our travels will include various chocolate factories and their shops in Switzerland and Germany. After all, who wouldn’t love a travel itinerary that included chocolate? My sentiments exactly.

I love how small blips seen here or there- an article read- a photo- can spark inspiration and send me off on a Google searching adventure to find out ‘more’. Being eternally curious only adds to the intrigue of exploring new places.

How do I keep up with it all? I find calendars online that I can edit- type in the edited information, then I print them- From there I fill in via markers (various colors have different meanings) and bookmark, bookmark, bookmark when it comes to destinations and places to explore that catch my eye.

How about you? What’s your favorite thing about travel? Do you enjoy the planning as much as the rest?

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