Easy Brunch

February 22nd, 2017

Some mornings I’m not feeling the urge to eat when I first get up-   so rather than eat because I’m ‘supposed’ to, I wait until I feel a rumble in my stomach and then I eat.    Today-  I had quite a few things to check off my ‘to do’ list-  One of which was finalizing my business tax paperwork so it could be taken to the accountant, plus some cake prep for an upcoming order.

I have been trying to keep the protein on the higher side-so I decided to opt for some Greek yogurt, a few raspberries, pepitas, almonds and a few cacao nibs for a little something special.  You know-   give it that indulgent feel without being indulgent.

It was delicious-  sans any sugar except the natural sugars in the raspberries.   It kept me full until dinner time, which was my goal.

Now the taxes are dropped off-   I have the evening to myself, so it’s time to take a hot bath and curl up with some good TV.


February 20th, 2017

When you wish it was still weekend 

Cowhide Rugs Add Beauty to Any Room

February 20th, 2017

A natural cowhide rug is the perfect investment for someone who likes to constantly change their home decor. The rugs come in natural, neutral colors, which makes them blend seamlessly with almost any decor. However, it’s amazing the amount of variation that’s available when searching for the perfect hide. You could choose one in solid black or white to accompany modern decor, or choose something with a lot of spots or variation for a more eclectic style. Color choices often include white, black, grey, and a variety of shades of brown and taupe.

The texture of cow rugs can also vary wildly from hide to hide. For this reason, it’s ideal to be able to choose a hide to purchase in person. That way, you can touch each of the different hides and choose one that has both the look and feel that you’re looking for. Some are soft and fuzzy, while others have a coarser texture. There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing the perfect hide to use as a rug. It all depends on personal preference.

Once you have your cowhide rug at home, you’ll be impressed by the durability of the hide on the floor. The natural material stands up well to wear and tear – even with kids and pets around. The hides also layer well with other rugs. If your hide isn’t the right size to anchor the room or if you want another pop of color, just throw the hide over another rug. Hides are also easy to maintain – when they need to be cleaned, they can be vacuumed just like a regular rug. Because they’re so durable, cow rugs make a classic statement piece that you can continue to incorporate into your decor for many years, even as other styles are changing.

For allergy sufferers, it’s also important to know that cowhide rugs are hypoallergenic. This is especially important if you have children that have allergies or like to host people at your home for events. You want your guests to be comfortable in your home and not have to worry that they are suffering from allergies due to your rug or other decor.

Cowhide rugs come in so many different sizes, textures and colors that there is bound to be the perfect rug for any room in your home. They look fabulous in dens, living rooms, offices and bedrooms. No matter what your personal decorating style, there is a hide rug that will please you. If you take the time to pick the perfect style for your home, it’s worth the effort – you’ll never tire of hearing the compliments that are sure to come pouring in.

Because We ALL Matter

February 17th, 2017

A while back I made a decision to delete the Facebook app from my iPhone, which eventually was followed by me deleting it from my iPad.    I kept the messenger app, plus I also kept the business app, but aside from that-  it’s all gone from my ‘devices’.    I still pop in on occasion from the laptop, but the negativity and mean-spiritedness was keeping me up at night.  The divisivness- the name calling-  all things I couldn’t wrap my head around.

Some people have noticed and others haven’t.  I’m perfectly OK with both.      I’m someone who can overlook a lot of things-    when something becomes too much- the unfollow button works wonders, but it became to be ‘too much’.       I don’t agree with A LOT of things I see, read, hear- but I am also open minded enough to know that my thoughts are based on my view to the world.  It’s different than yours, yours or even yours.  That’s how it’s supposed to be.   We are individuals- not cookie-cutter or Stepford versions of each other.

What I DO have, regardless of whether I agree with someone or not-  is respect.   Even when someone is responding to something in hate-    it doesn’t give me (or anyone) a ‘free pass’ to reciprocate with the same.   It fuels the fire.  It ignites more division, it perpetuates more division, more anger, more of the things that I have no intent or desire to feed.

In the March issue of “O Magazine”   Oprah sat down and had a real talk with women.  Women on both sides of the political lines to discuss what’s happening in the United States, to try to understand.    They were different, but at the core they are the same-  as are so many of us.     The things that bind us are far greater than those that divide us.

We need more respectful conversations.    Real, open, authentic conversations-   it’s only then when we will be able to begin to understand and heal.

To the surprise of many-  I don’t watch the news.  I don’t read the news.    I’m extremely selective of what I allow into my grey matter.   For some it seems crazy, but to me it works.    It keeps me from drinking the crazy Kool Aid that seems to be floating around- be it from fear or all the uncertainties.       I don’t believe the media-  any of it.

We all have the ability to be kind.   To show compassion and grace- to not join in the fear mongoring- spewing the rhetoric that the media produces-  but rather, to show love-  to agree to disagree-   to have honest conversations where we respect and care for each other- if for nothing more because we are all human beings and we ALL matter.

Day of Love and Other Fun

February 15th, 2017

I was so excited to have been able to surprise Marcel with a lunch out for Valentine’s Day that I actually won from a ‘give away’ on Instagram.  How cool is that?     I decided to participate on a whim, but I was glad that I did, because the restaurant, somewhere I’d never been turned out to be a huge WIN!   The food was delicious and the service also great.      I had a wonderful spinach and warm goat cheese salad with sun dried tomatoes and Marcel went for the club sandwich and french fries.    We were both happy- and because it was a late lunch- dinner ended up being very light last night.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that last week we were covered in a blanket of snow & I spent part of the weekend enjoying the bitter cold temps and snow play.    Yesterday and today-  it’s more like Spring, with blue skies and plenty of sunshine.   The snow has practically all melted, but I love the contrast and find joy in both, much to the surprise of many.

Even though I suggested he ‘not’ do anything for me for Valentine’s Day-  as I believe every day is a day to show love, he still surprised me with some gorgeous deep red roses, that I admittedly love.

Our evening was far from exciting, but we did things our style- which meant lounging and watching our favorite TV shows.     Tonight will be more of the same, while tomorrow…. well, lets just say it’s that time of the year.   More on that tomorrow.  As for now, it’s time to catch up on the latest episode of Bull.

Sales Sales Everywhere Sales

February 9th, 2017

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good sale, but something about ‘stumbling upon’ a great sale tends to bring me even more joy than one I knew about.     Such was the case and point a few days ago.

Back story-   Late last year I picked up a fully automatic coffee machine as a birthday / Christmas gift for Marcel.  He had been complaining about the  machine we had at the time, saying the coffee was no longer good from that machine.   I disagreed with him, but he was so adamant that I finally decided to surprise him with the machine.     We both agree, we love that it grinds the beans each and every time, plus the cappuccinos and other options are great.   It can pretty much make everything.

The milk container that attaches to the machine had a transparent tube which transported the milk up through to the milk frother.  More times than I remember, I kept thinking-   One day we’re going to lose that tubing.   Well that day came a few weeks ago.  We have searched high and low for it-  and it didn’t get put away where it usually was, so all we can conclude is that it was accidentally tossed in the garbage. (This information has a purpose I promise- bare with me.)

I went on the quest online to find this little rubber hose  and it was to be found NO WHERE!    The only way I could find to replace it was to order the entire contraption again- at a price of more than $30.00, which I didn’t think even remotely necessary.   So the quest began to find a piece of hose that would fit.  Armed with the top of the milk container we went to several stores before we realized that we couldn’t find the exact size we needed, but ended up finding an adapter that would work that we could fit into the tubing and well-   we now have cappuccino again!  HURRAY!     I digress!

If you know us in our everyday life-  you know that we’ve been working on home projects for a year now.   We’ve slowly but surely been checking things off our list- and one thing we’ve wanted to do is paint the doors and trimming inside but hadn’t chosen a paint color yet.    We were walking through the home improvement store and low and behold there was this huge table of discontinued ‘last years’ colors that they had marked down to very cheap.  Usually the colors aren’t fabulous (usually too bright or too dark) but we spotted exactly what we needed that we knew should go great with our walls.    After scouring the table to make sure they had enough (after all we knew we needed several quarts) we grabbed four cans and off we went.    The regular price was more than $22 each and we ended up getting them for around $5.50.     I am really excited about it, as it was not only a steal, it was also a project that we’ve been wanting to get started.   The bonus on top of the great price:   The paint is water based, which means no over the top smells that will drive my allergies bonkers.

I also noticed there were a lot of sales happening, but since we didn’t need anything else, we skipped the rest.


Have you found any great home improvement deals lately?

Treats and Weekends

February 3rd, 2017

TGIF!!  I am so excited it’s weekend and I’m kicking it off by being ‘home alone’ tonight.   My favorite guy is working, but that means I can curl up on the sofa with my favorite TV shows from earlier in the week that I’ve missed.   Grey’s, Nashville, How to Get Away with Murder & Scandal.   I love the time alone, plus we have a busy weekend on the horizon with friends.   Tomorrow night we’ll spend the evening at friends, and Sunday we’ll go out to dinner with some other friends.    Great times in the making!

Yesterday was our ‘lucky 13’ anniversary and I was greeted not only with coffee in bed, but also some gorgeous roses, plus a beautiful card.  I’ll admit that I didn’t think he would remember, but he did, which made this girl smile big.   Since we both had work to get done yesterday and he was working last night- we decided to skip going out for dinner, and instead grabbed a few things of our own personal interest and had that.    Mine, was my occasional ‘once a month’ sushi treat.      I had a friend ask why I didn’t make it myself, but I make pretty much everything and from scratch, so I think I’ll continue to enjoy this freshly made once in a while treat.    Funny enough- I don’t care for rice.  I don’t buy it-  and while I’ll eat it if I’m somewhere and someone has rice as part of the meal-   I never cook it, but I do love this sushi, including the rice.      It isn’t my Gulf Coast favorites, but it will do.

How are you spending your weekend?   I know it’s Super Bowl weekend, but I’m not a football fan, so no parties here.   I do like a good get together though, so maybe it’s something to consider for next year.

In the meantime-  I’m ready to kick back, relax- and get a dose of some of my favorite actors and actresses.


Whatever you find yourself doing this weekend, ENJOY!

I Am….

February 2nd, 2017

I can’t believe it has almost been a week since I was on here last.     The week has flown by- with last weekend spent in the company of a good friend exploring various inspirational foodie haunts, plus a little trip to the beach.    One of our ‘stops’ during the day was the local camera store, because she needed to get some passport photos made so she could renew her ‘almost’ expired passport.

While this is not a post about Nikon-  I’ve long been a fan of their products and even own several Nikon DSLR cameras.     That being said-   some of my favorite commercials ever are their I AM ads.

I saw this ad in the store and I couldn’t help but pause and soak up not only the image, but also the text and what it means.

I do believe that what we focus on in our lives is what we not only see more of, but also what we manifest.  Yes, life is full of ups and downs- but when I think of some of lifes’ darkest moments in my life-  I also can find the beauty in them.     I would prefer that life had no sadness or tragedy, but to be able to find something beautiful in the midst of pain is important, at least to me.

I was reading an article earlier today talking about life defining moments, and how some of them are moments that have brought us the deepest sorrow.    I was reminded of a moment where I felt a deep amount of pain and in the beginning wasn’t quite sure how I would make it through- as it was something I’d never experienced before.

Rather than becoming angry and bitter- as it would have been easy to do-   I allowed myself to feel what I was feeling, also made a few choices that I wasn’t extremely proud of, as a knee-jerk reaction to the pain, but on the whole-  I took the time to grieve, then I wanted to be aware of what the pain could teach me, and what lessons I could take away from the entire situation.

Through that-  I learned SO much.   It was one of lifes’ biggest gifts and because of the experience, I was able to carry what I learned with me- so that I can apply it to life as needed.   That embodies the above photo-  and the …. beauty of life.

We are all different.    It seems now more than ever there is a focus on how different we really are, but at the core-   it really isn’t us versus them-   we are all very much the same.    We all bleed, we all have hopes- dreams- fears- uncertainties.   We all love- believe in something-  laugh-  sleep- and the list goes on.     The truth is-  we are far more alike than we are different.

Fill in the blank-    I am.. ______  As for me-   I believe the one word I’ll  put above all others for what I AM-    LOVE.   I am LOVE.    Don’t you want to join me in striving to be love in all that we do?     While one person doesn’t have the power to change the world-  we do have the power to change ourselves- to be a shining light-  the proverbial North Star in the night sky-   to leave a ripple of love, respect, inspiration and positivity so large that it creates a tidal wave of the aforementioned and brings something beautiful and positive to every one in it’s path.

That, my friends is how beautiful things happen.    Love!

Weekend Smiles

January 27th, 2017

It’s weekend and I am SO glad. Mostly because I get to spend some girlfriend time with one of my dear friends, plus there has been such a heavy fog of seriousness hanging in the air- that I’m ready for some light-hearted fun with people I love.Smile

So weather permitting- tomorrow will include a trip to the beach, but also some laughter- shopping and good eats. I’ve got mom’s taco soup recipe all prepped and ready to go in the Crock Pot tomorrow morning with the timer on- Plus, I’ll make diddy’s cornbread when I get home. I’ll mix all the dry ingredients in the morning- and all I’ll have to do when we get home is mix it up and put it in the cast iron skillet to bake.

Pure bliss!

One thing that we never need to forget- is to smile.  It doesn’t matter what’s going on in the world, no one can steal our light unless we allow it to happen.     Smiles are free, plus they can work miracles without us even realizing.


Research and Other Fun

January 27th, 2017

TGIF!    Even though I’ve been home all week checking things off my ‘to do’ list, I’m happy the weekend has arrived, which means time for some fun and adventure with friends.

My computer time has been almost zilch, so I had a list of research I needed to do for not only myself, but for several others as well. My musically inclined neighbor informed several others at a meeting that I was best one here in the area to do research for projects. I smiled, but at the same time- I knew that may mean others asking me to do some research for them too. I’m grateful that he would think that though. Research is a little time consuming, but anyone can do it.

But as for today- my research is done- and I’m headed to soak up some of my favorite shows from last night. Happy weekend y’all!

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