Zippity Do Dah Day

August 5th, 2013

The title represents the way I’m feeling.   So many great things happening around me and I’m happy.   I’ve met some seriously amazing people recently- and life just keeps getting better.     Opportunities are knocking,  networking has been great, and so many exciting things brewing that I can’t contain my excitement.

The day was absolutely beautiful today- and I spent a while out in the sunshine walking with my new walking partner and friend.  We walked seven miles- and then sat in her garden, drank water and chatted.  It was glorious.

Life is beautiful in every way.    Tonight- I’m home alone and I love having the balance between work, family and friends- plus “ME” time.  I know some people can’t stand being alone, but me, I find my company pretty fantabulous.    Joyous-  that’s a good way to describe how I’m feeling.    Right now- I’m taking my joyous self to the bathroom for a cool bath..

Tomorrow- more great stuff and more travel plans in the making.    Vacation is drawing closer.

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