You Know- Trust30 (Day 21)

June 21st, 2011

You Know-

We live in a society of advice columns, experts and make-over shows. Without even knowing it, you can begin to believe someone knows better than you how to live your life. Someone might know a particular something better – like how to bake a three-layer molten coconut chocolate cake or how to build a website – but nobody else on the planet knows how to live your life better than you. (Although one or two people may think they do.) For today, trying asking yourself often, especially before you make a choice, “What do I know about this?”

It was no accident that I received this yesterday.   It was an odd day of sorts and one where I found that I was faced with dealing with others who seem to think that the only way I should live my life is the way they want me to.    While I do find it somewhat flattering that someone would think they could know what I need-   I also find that their ‘ideas’ seem to serve what works best for them and in spite of it being ‘my’ life- has ultimately nothing to do with me, but what makes them happy.   

I try to choose my battle wisely-  (and am not always successsful) but in this case-I choose not to do battle.  Instead- I’ve drawn a line in the sand and while I’m always open for suggestions on ways to better my life-   there are some who I know do not remotely have my best interest at heart and I just can’t entertain their ideas.   All I can say- is thank goodness for boundries and in spite of it not making me popular – they are not to be crossed.  After all- they are there for a reason.

Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind. Absolve you to yourself, and you shall have the suffrage of the world. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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