Wish You Were Here

May 16th, 2010

The last full day of our weekend away has broken and I find myself feeling a little sad that we’ll have to leave tomorrow. We’ve had a great time, even though we haven’t done anything major.

Last night our friends Kimmie and Martijn spent the evening with us and we shared a lot of laughter and good times. Marcel and I both enjoyed it. Kimmie and Martijn live less than an hour from where we are, so it was the perfect opportunity for us to get together, when we otherwise may not have been able to.

JJ has been great in spite of his entirely new environment and endless energy. I bet he’ll sleep for days when we get home.

It’s a lazy Sunday at our little cottage in the woods. I’m lounging on the couch while Marcel takes a bath. JJ is snoozing, gathering his energy for the next adventure.

I’m not sure what today holds, but first we’ll try to find a store so we can get some coffee. We ran out this morning and I could use a second cup.

The sun is shining, so we may rent a bike which looks like a golf cart and go for a ride. I’m ready to enjoy every moment, regardless if what the day brings.

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