Winter Wonderland

December 30th, 2009

I knew they were predicting snow, but it was a wonderful surprise to wake upnto a winter wonderland.

Below you can find a few shots I took this morning while I was out with JJ, including one of the little guy himself.

6 Responses to “Winter Wonderland”

  1. Dorrie says:

    still no snow here in my world, just yucky rain and +5°C

  2. nunya says:

    nice pics . thank goodness for global warming or you might not be getting the

  3. BethanyC says:

    I can’t believe all this snow. The where I grew up in Texas has had snow twice in the past week. Growing up we were lucky if we got one snowfall a year.

    I hope you enjoy trekking around photo-ing in the snow.

  4. HolgaJen says:

    We got snow the other day too… can’t say I’m all that happy about it ;) What a cute little doggie!

  5. tea says:

    Lovely photos! And JJ looks so cute!

    A thin layer of snow’s been on the ground here three mornings in the last 2 weeks.

  6. Anita says:

    These are wonderful images! And that sweet little doggie…I just want to squeeze him!

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