Whole 30 Results

April 24th, 2016

Life has kept me on the go as of late, which meant I didn’t finish updating on my Whole 30 progress, plus the results.

I didn’t weigh myself before or after- but I can tell I lost weight. On the whole, it has changed the way I feel about food on so many levels. I’ve been done more than a week, and truth is my energy is higher than it has been in YEARS! Truth is, I don’t know when the last time was that I had so much continuous energy, and sometimes so much so that I would have to really watch myself in the evenings or I’d be buzzing along and unable to sleep at all.

Yesterday, after a busy day we decided to order out- simple meal- hamburgers and french fries. The flavor wasn’t bad, but within 45 minutes, I felt horrible! Sleepy, sluggish etc. It lasted throughout the evening and that reminded me of how I felt ALL the time pre Whole 30. Most of the time I felt worse, but it was yet another reminder of how I do NOT want to live.

My husband also wants to do the Whole 30, as he has RA, so we’ll do that after our vacation. I’ll do it with him, as I’m somewhat living Whole 30ish right now anyway. When I go for the less ‘real’ foods, my body reminds me of why I don’t want to poison myself with sub-standard foods.

I was at the point before Whole 30 that I felt something was terribly wrong with me, and while I did believe the food would make a little difference, I never realized just how much. Life changing- seriously! … this coming from someone who eats whole foods 85% of the time anyway, but not to the degree of Whole 30.

Was it restrictive? Yes- Was it hard? NO! Not for me at all. I did not struggle unless I didn’t plan properly and then I wanted to eat more, but on the whole- I didn’t have the cravings and I still don’t.

I’ve added all things back without any big reactions to them, but I will continue to keep grains, dairy and sugars to a minimum, but will eat beans and legumes when the urge strikes me.

This is very much doable and it will make a huge difference in how you feel, plus how you look at food.

One Response to “Whole 30 Results”

  1. That’s great. I always feel better when I eat better, too, but it’s hard to remember that sometimes in the bustle of the work place when junk food is so much more easily available.

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