Whole 30- Day 9

March 23rd, 2016

Today was what I would categorize as what example NOT to follow while on Whole 30. 

First,  we had a friend visit last night.  I adore him, plus we hadn’t seen him in a while, so it was great to catch up and visit.     He left around midnight, which was A OK.   The only thing with me is, before I can sleep, I need some unwind time.  I’m not one of those who can come home, crawl into bed and go to sleep, nor can I go straight to bed when company leaves.  My mind is too active, so it takes it time to slow down.

That meant it was VERY late before I went to sleep.   It happens, but thankfully not that often, as this girl needs hear beauty sleep in a big way. :)

I needed to work today, which meant a day of baking.  Items that need to be shipped tomorrow morning.   I was dragging, and rather than push myself into the cupcake kitchen, I took my time, and got a later start.

My breakfast was the same as yesterday-  the sweet potato dish and it was good.

I buzzed through lunch time- and admittedly didn’t take much time for a break.  I ate half an apple with a little almond butter.   Not horrible, but not ideal either.

Dinner, I had made yesterday.  A huge pot of chicken soup- with lots of fresh vegetables. I made enough for us to eat it two days, but after the small lunch, it wasn’t enough.   I ate a banana and a mandarin afterwards, but two hours later and I feel like I haven’t eaten, so I’ll have some nuts, or some almond butter.

I did just realize- upon thinking I would open a jar of peanut butter, that it is NOT allowed during Whole 30, and for some reason I thought it was, so I had some on an apple in the first days.   I think twice.    I am glad I checked before I indulged this time, so I will definitely NOT be having any of that.   Looks like nuts it is for tonight!

My conclusion for today, is that even though I feel very energized-  I also have realized the importance of being prepared.  I haven’t eaten enough protein today- and I can tell.    I didn’t eat enough vegetables today, and I can tell.    Tomorrow is a new day, but today brings the lesson that being prepared is important for success.


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