Whole 30- Day 16

March 30th, 2016

Zippidy Do Dah-   I made it to day 16.      I’m on the downhill slope, but I don’t really feel like I’m ‘missing out’ on anything, so I don’t feel excited in the way of ‘I’m ready to get this over with’, kind of way.  It’s more of a – “This isn’t nearly as bad as I thought”.   That’s much more realistic.

This morning I had a play date with my good friend and because I wasn’t feeling that hungry this morning, I had my two cups of coffee, and then I had a banana and a few walnuts.

Lunch, since we had lunch out and about- was tricky.    I planned ahead and read the menu the day before, so I knew what I could expect.  They have a homemade tomato soup, but when I asked about it-  he said he thought they  put sugar in it to balance the tomatoes, plus it definitely had cream in it.   Scratch that-    They did have an onion soup which was tomato based, so I ordered that and asked them to leave off the bread on the top- with the amazing melted cheese.      The soup is good and I didn’t miss the cheese-  ‘too much’.

Since I knew that compliant almond or coconut milk was out of the question- I skipped thinking about having a coffee, and had tea instead.     Combine that with time together with a good friend, good chatter, the beach and sunshine-  and yeah- you pretty much can’t go wrong.

Dinner tonight was leftover casserole from yesterday.  It was good, but I still felt it needed something, so I ended up adding some Whole 30 compliant mustard to the top-   It sounds odd, but it really did work as the combination, and tonight I was feeling hungry enough that I ate two portions.    Plus because I’m trying to eat more fruit (because pre-Whole30 I’d gotten out of the habit of eating fruit), I had a mini banana and a small clementine.

That was that.

Energy wise- I feel great, and while I am almost scared to say it-    I also ‘think’ that some of the hair loss I had been experiencing has also slowed WAY down.    It’s too early for me to really know for sure, as I really only ‘thought’ I noticed it last night and this morning, so I’ll have to be more conscious about it in the coming days and weeks, but it seemed like less hair was in my brush after my bath, and also when I dried and brushed my hair.    If that happens to be the case, then that’s another Whole 30 benefit I’ve seen.

My face, which I mentioned being broke out horribly at the beginning- is still clearing.  It is MUCH clearer than it was, but still not 100% clear like I’d love it to be.    But progress is progress and I’ll take it.

Since I’ve had potatoes a few nights in a row now, it’s time to dial back on those evening carbs and omit them again.    I don’t feel like I need that in the evening, so I’ll skip it.

Tomorrow, my intent is to roast some almonds and make some homemade almond butter.   I’ll share how that goes.

The journey continues. … and I feel good.

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