Whole 30- Day 15

March 29th, 2016

I made it to the half way point!   Yay Me!   Ironically, today is also a day that I’m struggling.   I’ve eaten well, that’s for sure, but at the same time- I’ve found myself really wanting ‘something’.       It isn’t that I’m hungry, but in pausing to really stop and think about the ‘why’ I’m feeling this way-  I feel it to be more of an emotional thing.

I haven’t figured out ‘why’ I am feeling emotional, yet I am.      Hormones?  Possibly-    I don’t know-   and being one who likes to be in the ‘know’ of things-   that bugs me.   I’m riding the wave and I suspect that I’ll eventually figure out why I’m feeling the way I am.     I still have a lot of energy-  life is good-  right now the sun is shining- the daylight hours are longer-   tomorrow I’ll spend time with one of my favorite people- I see a touch of green starting to appear on the trees outside the window I’m looking out of.   All this good and the list goes on… yet today I am ‘off’.     We all have those days, and I  know it’s not anything but me- and I also know it will pass.     I’m making sure that I’m extra good to myself, and while at one point I would have equated that with some sort of ‘junk’-  I know now that isn’t what I want to do.    So I won’t.

IMG_1282Instead, I’ll talk about my food for today-   I’ve had a banana, two mandarins and two dates.    In addition-  for breakfast I had a half sweet potato, two eggs, bacon (check your labels if you’re doing whole 30), and some coconut.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE coconut at the moment?   I’ve always been a fan- but I could eat it all day.   Not that I am, mind you, but I could.

You may be thinking this combination sounds atrocious- but I can assure you that it’s anything but.

The plus is-  I have leftover bacon, which means tomorrow I’ll be having pretty much the same thing.   I can’t wait!

Good food that fuels my body.

IMG_1280Tonight’s dinner was a weird combination, but I actually loved it.   Marcel was kind of skeptical, said he didn’t love it-   but he also went back for seconds, so not sure what that says.

I made a sort shepherds pie with lean ground beef-  a puree from potatoes and parsnips-    I layered some of the potato mixture on bottom-  then added some steamed kale-  sour kraut, ground beef- one apple sliced thinly- and then more of the puree on top.    Yes-it’s an odd combination, but it worked and I enjoyed it.     The great thing was I was full with what you see in the photo- and even forgot to eat my 1/4 avocado.    That also means more leftovers-  and not having to think about cooking for tomorrow.     Having something ready makes life much easier.


So to summarize today-   I continue to feel great, but at the same time I’m having an off day, which I think has nothing at all to do with Whole30, but myself.      I’m trying to talk Marcel into trying a Whole30 as well, but thus far he is resisting.   I believe it would make a huge difference in his life- and I will continue to gently bring it up between now and the time we return from vacation, which is at the point I believe I’ll be ready to start another one.




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