Whole 30- Day 10

March 24th, 2016

Today I was more prepared food wise, despite the busy day.     I had deliveries to do, and also needed to run errands.  I was tired today, but not sure if it’s the cold, damp weather, or maybe a combination of not getting enough rest the past couple of days.    Tonight I have plans to be in bed on time.

One thing I found challenging was having lunch ‘out’.      I wanted a salad, but the place we went to didn’t have any salads, which surprised me, because usually they do.    So I opted for soup.  They make their own, and their tomato basil soup is always delicious. Pure, simple ingredients.    I got a small bowl, and it was enough.     I REALLY wanted a coffee, but since I knew they didn’t have almond milk, I opted for a cup of fresh mint tea.  It was good, but it didn’t quite fit the bill the way coffee would.    Because of that and the time we got home from our errands, I ended up having a coffee-free day, which also may be part of the reason for me being so tired.

Breakfast was the same as the last couple of days-  the sweet potato deliciousness.  The ‘casserole’ I made with mashed sweet potatoes, eggs and almond butter.  It’s good-   and I really could eat it daily.    Tomorrow I think I may switch things up a bit and actually have an omelette, or maybe I’ll wait until Saturday and have one, then I can add a little chicken breast.

Dinner tonight- I knew I needed more than a bowl of leftover chicken soup, so I made a salad.  IMG_1124  Arugula, avocado, a few tomatoes, olives, plus I had some roasted eggplant and zucchini.  It was simple, but delicious.    A little later, I had a banana and a small mandarin orange.      I’ve been eating far too many nuts lately, and while I know they are good for me, at the same time I also recognize they are loaded with calories, so I don’t want to over do because of nuts.

There is still one bowl of soup left, so tomorrow that will be my lunch.    While out today, I picked up two huge packages of greens, about 5 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breast, and also a gorgeous roast beef.    Tomorrow- I’ll try to figure out something I can make that will last a couple of days, and we’ll have the roast for Easter.   I guess that will be a good day to have some mashed potatoes, since I’ve been trying not to eat them- unless I change my mind.   Knowing me, that’s highly possible. ha

Right now, I’m ready to curl up and watch some television, but first- a long hot bath  awaits.

I’m 1/3 of the way there-  and at this point in time I have no regrets at all.

I’ll admit-  today I wanted chocolate, or a cookie.  But I resisted and carried on. Yay me!



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