Whole 30- Day 1

March 15th, 2016

Today, as promised, I ‘officially’ started the Whole 30 program.   On the whole-  I eat a lot of fresh vegetables, and very little processed foods.  That part is easy.    I don’t eat a lot of bread, but I do love quinoa and other grains.   Plus, if you know me then you know my job is in the sugar industry- creating sweet & delicious treats for special celebrations, or ‘just because’.     A friend asked me if I would have a hard time with the ‘no sugar’ during Whole 30- and I knew that as long as I wasn’t developing or testing recipes, I would be fine.   My tried-and-true recipes, I don’t need to sample or have a taste of, since I know people enjoy them.    That being said-  I do admit to having a sweet tooth.  I’ve been using raw sugars for a while now-  even in my business, when possible- because it is ‘easier’ on the body, but at the end of the day- it is still sugar.

My ‘usual’ breakfast consists of quark with a few raw nuts and a little granola.   I love quark because of the high protein content, plus the thickness similar to Greek yogurt.   I buy it plain, so no added sugars, etc.   But dairy is a no-no on Whole 30- so I said goodbye to it yesterday morning.

IMG_0927Today’s brunch (because I forgot to cook them last night), was mashed sweet potatoes with a couple teaspoons almond butter, a few pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and a few slivers of coconut.   All unsweetened and all raw- straight from nature.    I love all the ingredients, so I was pretty sure I’d enjoy it, and I did.   What I wasn’t expecting was how filling it actually was.     Since I ate it later than I intended, it was my brunch.     Several hours later and I’m still full.

Since I had the stomach thing happening a few days ago, I’ll admit that I’m not as prepared as I planned to be for the program, but I am committed and determined to be successful.  After all- it’s only 30 days, right?

Coffee is a big part of my morning, and so is milk in my coffee- so I planned on possibly cutting out coffee completely and going with tea.    But a friend mentioned that they put cocoa in their coffee, and I tried it this morning, along with a splash of compliant almond milk, and the result was delicious.

Dinner tonight- (because I’m not fully prepared and also because I’m still trying to keep things somewhat on the lighter side after the stomach bout Saturday night) will be simple.   I have chicken breasts tossed in the crockpot-   and alongside it I’ll have steamed broccoli.   It doesn’t get more simple than that, but it’s also something I love.

For me, it’s important to keep things simple, but yet also have foods that I really enjoy.    I’m also trying to be realistic.  While I ‘think’ it may be easy-peasy to do this 30 days, I also know that I may struggle.    It’s going to take planning, which I’m not used to cooking like that.   I’m more of a wake up and see what kind of mood I’m in that day- then cook accordingly.

Since I’m still recuperating, I sent Marcel to the grocery store.   On the list is cabbage, pork tenderloin, Serrano ham (which I checked the ingredients before-hand to make sure it was compliant), beets, apples, mixed greens,  zucchini, and eggplant- all of which will be great to cook with as the week goes on.     I do like versatility, so it is important to me to keep versatile veggies on hand.

Once he gets home, I’ll take the beets, slice them and add some Whole 30 compliant balsamic.   I’ll put them in the fridge to pickle, and they will be great in salads or even to eat along with a meal.

Tomorrow-I’m going to make a pork tenderloin with cabbage-    that should be enough for us to eat for several days.   I saw the recipe on Pinterest, and once I make it, I’ll share the process and what I did.


As far as how I feel-   I feel ‘Ok’.   I have a slight headache- but I attribute that more to the fact that my sinuses are misbehaving more than anything.   I’m very curious how I’ll feel as each day and week unfolds.

Stay tuned if you’re curious too!


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