Wheelin’ n Dealin’

January 6th, 2010

We woke up this morning to more artic temps, but the great thing is, along with that has come the sunshine. Personally, I hope that means it will melt some of the ice that’s lingering on the sidewalks, so that I can actually get out and do some form of exercise today. Lord knows I need it. Unfortunately, last night I had a moment of weakness and had some sugar. Not just sugar, but fudge to be exact. I’m not beating myself up over it, but obviously this sugar detox is harder than I thought. I’m going to try harder, and be more conscious, because I’m determined to make it 21 days without it.

In other news, I have found some great deals online for clothes. Yesterday, one of my favorite stores was having a 2 day 75% off sale. I told myself I wasn’t going to look, but at 75% off the entire store, I thought I should. I found two casual jackets and a sweater that I bought for less than the price of the sweater and that included shipping! When I called the order in (because the online form was having issues) they asked if I wanted to do a check by phone, which up until then I’d never heard of. I thought it was pretty cool, especially for people who don’t have credit cards, or for people who want to order online and can’t. This way you can call the store with your order and pay by check. I didn’t though, I used my credit card, but I thought it was great that the option was there for those who needed it. And I am thrilled that I got three new articles of clothing for a fraction of what I would have paid normally.

What’s the best deal you’ve found recently?

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