Weird Phone Calls

October 25th, 2009

Last week Marcel and I got the oddest phone call. There was a man who called us about a burial policy and asked about the information they’d sent us that we’d requested. Niether one of us had any clue what this man was talking about since neither of us had requested anything, especially information on a burial policy. The man told Marcel that he would get back to him, and a few days later someone else called. They verified our address (which they did have and it was correct) and said that they didn’t understand but asked about sending us some information anyway. I told Marcel that I had a strong suspicion that it was some sort of insurance marketing thing. He did tell them that it was ok to send the information, and a few days later we got information in regards to a burial policy. I actually anticipate them calling us again this week to find out if we would like to sign up. It will be interesting to see.

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