Weird Dreams

March 19th, 2010

This morning I was able to sleep a little late thanks to my darling pets who both decided that they were feeling a little lazy this morning. Sometime this morning I had a weird dream that one of my neighbors called to ask me if JJ could be the ring bearer in her wedding. As if that weren’t weird enough, she said that she needed to take him for tuxedos fitting, and that she’d bring him back in several hours. She took him, but didn’t bring him back. She told me he got lost, but I think she stole him. The last thing I remember, I was sitting on the sofa in someone elses living room (because it wasn’t my sofa I was sitting on) crying and I woke up. (Enter Twilight Zone music)

I didn’t eat anything strange last night, but that dream was definitely on the strange side. Even though my little four legged members of the family slept late, they both ate and went back to sleep. I hope it remains this peaceful all day long.

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