We Love You, Brussels

March 22nd, 2016

Today has been a difficult day-    The tragic attacks in Brussels, Belgium has me reeling with sadness and even more uncertainty at the continued downward spiral of some of the people in this world.     As long as I live, I’ll never be able to comprehend how or why anyone could hurt another, much less take their life, simply because they don’t believe the same as someone else.      In the name of religion?  I don’t buy it for one second.   It isn’t about religion, it’s about hate-    pure and simple.

I have friends across the spectrum from Christian to Atheist, with many beliefs in between.  I respect them ALL, even if I don’t believe or feel the same that they do.    It’s not hard for me, I don’t need to prove anything, because I believe that a persons belief is their own, and that’s between them and God, and not for me to judge.

IMG_1069Today, as an act of love and solidarity I made this meme for the lifestyle blog that I co-own with a dear friend.  I saw the heart shaped stone and photographed it while in a store a few weeks ago.
I loved the colors.  It had been in my ‘camera roll’ since that day.   At the time the colors reminded me of the world-  and today it seemed fitting for this meme, showing not only support, but love for Brussels and everyone affected by the tragedy.

Darkness will NEVER win against the light.   May these tragic moments be a wake-up call to us to love each other where we are, show respect and continue forward together.     Us -vs- Them will never be the solution.  #prayersforbrussels


One Response to “We Love You, Brussels”

  1. Religion is never an excuse for these sort of horrific acts. And of course, ISIS/ISIL/Daesh has killed more Muslims throughout the world than they have non-Muslims.

    But if someone wants an excuse to commit crimes, any excuse will do.

    I worry that we’re spiraling towards something really dark. I hope that your more positive attitude wins the day.

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