Watched Pot…

July 21st, 2009

I’m starting to wonder how long this summer cold is going to linger. I’m also wanting and willing this cold to go away is something like watching and waiting for the proverbial pot of water to boil- when you’re waiting it seems to take foreverrrrrr.

I am on the upside of this sniffly mess, although I could ‘almost’ play a double for Rudolph with my nose as red as it is. Thank goodness for Kleenex. I DO feel a little better, or a better word is that I DID feel better, but that was before the laundry, dishes, making egg salad, vacuuming, dusting, and grooming Mister Mistoffelees. Now, I feel like a nap.

In other news, that isn’t related to me whining about having the sniffles and sneezies- Marcel picked up his medication today that hopefully will help him stop smoking. He’s going to start taking it tomorrow. Please keep him in your prayers as he begins with this endevour. A week and a half to two weeks after the first pill, he’s suppose to stop cold turkey. I pray it works for him. His body will be happy, and my allergies will also be happy- even though he doesn’t smoke around me.

I sense a nap coming on. More from me later-

3 Responses to “Watched Pot…”

  1. tea says:

    Hope you get better soon – and all the VERY best to Marcel!

  2. admin says:

    Hey Tea! Long time no see. How are you? Are you writing anywhere at the moment?

  3. tea says:

    Hiya Wiz! Been a good summer so far, thanks! :) health is improving … Just starting up a new blog, still configuring the site – I’ll post a link for you when it gets going properly :)

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