Walk in the Park

October 18th, 2009

My bath water is running, which means I can’t get long winded or at least long fingered- or whatever it is a person gets when they type too much. I have really wanted to start doing some sort of exercise again, because I’ve been extremelly lax since I started working, so this morning we decided to go to a park in the town next to ours for a walk. I’ve been there two other times, both about a year ago, and I think it’s one of the most beautiful places in the area during the fall season. I went not only to get some well needed exercise (which I did get by walking for an hour), but also to take a few pictures for my aunt Libby, who mentioned wanting to see this area in the fall. Now to get them uploaded and sent to her is the next task at hand.

I did take a few on the ‘i’ (my little pet name for the iPhone) so when I get out of the bath, I’ll upload them to this entry. Right now, I’d better dash, or I’m going to be cleaning up a huge mess.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday!

3 Responses to “Walk in the Park”

  1. kate says:

    Beautiful pics!

  2. BethanyC says:

    Wonderful photos. I’m jealous of your iphone.

  3. admin says:

    Hey Kate- How are you? Thank you!

    You should get one Bethany. I just hate that I got about two months before the new one came out. I didn’t realize it or I would have waited. I had to wait three months after I got it for my old contract to expire, so they let me have it so I could get use to it, and once my old contract expired, it went to the new one. We did it that way so that I could keep my new number, since the iPhone is coupled with a different provider than what I was using before.

    I think it is well worth it, and as I see it right now, I can’t imagine wanting another type phone. I’m sold on the ‘i’.

    Maybe you can sweet talk Fin into getting you one for Christmas :)

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