Waiting to See

March 22nd, 2012

As I’ve mentioned here before- I have spent a lot of time lately using Pinterest and finding great ideas for recipes, do-it-yourself projects and even ideas for the home and garden that I wish I’d thought of on my own. The place is a virtual gold mine of ideas.

Mom and dad have been thinking some time about changing their drive way- and when I came across a few things at orange county paving that I knew they would like- I called mom and told her about what I’d seen. Even though she has the final say on what happens around the house- when it comes to big projects, she usually lets diddy do all the legwork so he can give her a visual as to what things are actually going to look like in the end. Needless to say- in spite of loving the idea- she told me to show it to diddy and let him see what he thought. He liked it too- so it looks like something new could be brewing around their home from Install It Direct so I could see some big changes when we arrive this fall for the holiday season. Of course, I’ve still got my fingers crossed that they will finally install the fire pit that I’ve been bugging them about for a few years. They have the perfect place for hosting bonfires and get togethers. It will be great to see what happens.

I love home improvement of any type- especially when it involves someone elses money. ha!

One Response to “Waiting to See”

  1. Maggie says:

    It is always cheaper that way;)

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