Vacation Planning

May 24th, 2015

Later this year- we are celebrating some milestones in our lives-   Marcel is turning 50, diddy is turning 75, and mom and diddy will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.     There is much to be thankful for- plus huge milestones deserve to be celebrated-   so we’re doing so in the form of travel.

Since I’m the ‘official’ family ‘tour guide / planner’ , the search for some great travel destinations has begun.    I have a few ideas, including a couple of cruises, but I need to get all the research done, compile some ideas-   and then share with the rest of the gang.   From there we’ll decide where we want to go and when.

We love being able to share in local customs and culture- plus enjoy the local food- markets and so on.     I would travel for a living- if it paid the bills.      I never get tired of exploring new places.

So tell me-  how do you plan to spend your summer/fall vacation?

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