Unwinding Home Alone

October 6th, 2009

I finished my work early tonight so I decided to tap out a few words before I headed off for a little swim in the bath tub. Marcel is working, which means I’m home alone with Mister M. to do whatever my heart desires. Technically, I have 4 more articles to write for a deadline tomorrow, but I’ve decided to finish them in the morning, and instead, curl up on the couch with a glass of milk and watch Desperate Housewives.

This weekend is Marcel’s big birthday celebration, and it looks like Friday I’ll be baking the famous Dutch Appel Taart as is the tradition for all birthday parties in the land of Never. I’ll admit that I tried to get away with buying one from the bakery this year, but my darling husband decided that he would ask his sister, so I decided that I’d buy some cooking apples (which I got for 1.00 for a kilo – 2.2 pounds) to whip up the taart on Friday morning so that we wouldn’t have to ask her.

Saturday, we’re going to see baby JJ for what will be the final time before we bring him home. I’m really excited about it, and this time I hope to get a little bit better photographs and hopefully JJ can actually come out of his room to play with us for a little while.

Marcel called a trainer and it looks like Baby JJ and I are going to start puppy training a week or two after he arrives home. I just pray he doesn’t whimper. If he does, I have a feeling that baby JJ will be sleeping with his crate on top of the guest bed and me in there beside him to reassure him until he gets use to being away from his siblings. That should make for good blog conversation.

I’ve been doing some research tonight at the Mayo Clinic website and I think I’m going into perimenapause. I know it sounds a little crazy, but I’m almost certain that’s what’s wrong with me. I also read that women who have never had children seem to have a higher risk of having perimenapause earlier than other women, which obviously includes me. More on that topic later, right now it’s time for my glass of milk and a bath. Not necessarily in that order.

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