True Relaxation

May 10th, 2015

IMG_3061“He enjoys true leisure who has time to improve his soul’s estate.” -Henry David Thoreau

I spent the afternoon at one of my favorite beach cafe’s in the company of a dear friend, who happens to be moving very soon.   Moving back to her home, so I’ll definitely miss her, her family and the friendship we’ve built over the past couple of years.

She’s in the midst of a very busy time, but I really wanted to do something for her-   because she’s so loving and giving to others- so I suggested we go to the beach for lunch.    Aloha had recently reopened after a fire had them closed for quite some time, and I thought it the perfect place to spend the afternoon, and have lunch.

After all, I think food tastes better when you have a view and scent of the ocean.   It was a moment for both of us to ‘check out’ of all the hustle and bustle around us-   a time to enjoy a great chat, good company and food-  and amazing views.

Ironically, we talked about how so many of us have forgotten the pure pleasure of letting everything go for a while and really taking the time to enjoy and spend some time in pure relaxation.      We had a wonderful time-   a gift of relaxation for both of us.

I will miss her when she moves, but bigger adventures await her.   While she may not be physically-  I know I’ve made a friend that will continue to thrive across the miles, and I look forward to sharing in her journey and celebrating her successes.  There is great joy in seeing people spreading their wings and living the life they want for themselves.    I’m grateful to be able to witness that.




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