May 7th, 2009

As you can tell, from my gazillion updates today- I’m in quite the chatty mood. I have many thoughts running through my mind, and rather than write an entry that’s longer than the Outer Banks, I figured I’d break it up into many, smaller entries, more relative to each subject.

I titled this entry Travels, because Marcel and I still haven’t decided where we’ll travel for vacation this year. We have been bouncing ideas back and forth for quite some time now, and still haven’t decided on one place. Our original plan was to go to the Azores- a group of islands in the Atlantic owned by Portugal, but because Marcel is taking some time free when my friend Samantha visits- and we’re going to be away for 5 or so days with her, he wasn’t sure about taking a week off to go to the Azores, and would rather couple the travel time with his off days, and go somewhere for 5 days.

I’ve also been wanting to travel to London for a while. Possibly meet up with a few friends, along with seeing the sights, and catching a show. I’ve been wanting to see Wicked for some time now, and that would be the perfect opportunity, but again- I don’t know.

Another option is a few days in Rome, or even in Iceland, but again- I can’t make a decision, and Marcel’s thoughts are- “I’m happy to go anywhere you’d like to go.” so the decision making process is up to me. Looks like I’d better do a little more research. It’s a good thing we aren’t planning to go until August.

One Response to “Travels”

  1. lovin dutch treatss says:

    cool to travel to hazores amen, I hav e never been to those por tu gal mine, but love it, amen,

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