Thoughts on a Spring Day

May 1st, 2013

flowersI’ve been thinking a lot lately about how some things happen in our lives that can stop us in our tracks-  and at the time we may tend to ask “Why” or even “Why me” when in the midst.      I’ve noticed that it depends on the perspective in which we ask those questions as to whether we get an answer.

I know-  you would think-   that “Why” or “Why me” would be a pretty simple question, but that isn’t always so.    As I’ve learned over the years-  intent and perspective are literally everything.

Two people can have a similar experience, but yet walk away with completely different perspectives on what just happened.     How, you may ask?    It all comes down to whether you are open to learn or simply looking for yet another reason to be victimized.

We are not what happens to us.    Moments in time-  good things, bad things-  ‘things’ in general do not define who we are-  UNLESS we decide they do, and it’s in those moments that we become attached to that ‘story’ and allow it to define us.

SO when something happens-  if we ask Why me- but yet are open and think.. “OK- there has to be some sort of lesson here, and it’s up to me to recognize and learn from it’  then chances are we will find the ‘silver lining’  the little tidbit of sunshine in an otherwise bad situation that will allow us to grow and come through on the other side stronger than before.    It’s like water to a seed– with just the right amount of water and sunlight-  that seed is going to grow in spite of the circumstances.

On the flip side of that coin-   the same thing can happen and if we have the mentality that nothing is ever good in our lives and that everything always happens to us-   “the victim mentality” – we aren’t going to be open to trying to find the lesson in the situation because we are too busy being a victim and letting that become part of our story and the ‘woe is me’ factor.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t have that feeling of ‘ugggh’ but it means we allow ourselves to feel that-   we recognize that it is a moment- that it shall pass- and that it is indeed happening to teach us something, even if that something is patience, compassion or even love.    Sometimes, as I’ve learned recently- the lesson is in just pausing and listening to your body-  and that even though society tends to tell us that we always need to be on the move- always doing and that being ‘still’ is not where we need to be-    that sometimes the biggest answers come in the form of pausing-  and just doing nothing.

Percpective-  it’s everything, and even in the most painful of moments-  there is a lesson.

Do you look for the lesson, or are you stuck in letting those moments define you and allow you to live in the victim role?   Remember, the choice is always yours.

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