December 3rd, 2009

Tonight I had a date night with Marcel, Desere and Hein. We went to see a movie which really has me thinking about many different things. The couple in the film had a great life, until she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even though he ‘loved’ his wife, his way of coping with the stress of the cancer was to cheat on her. Granted, I think it’s an excuse, because he’d actually cheated on her years before and she had forgiven him.

Eventually, she went into remission and she found out about the affair he was having and asked for a divorce. They worked through things and promised to ‘be faithful’ and a week after that she found out the cancer had spread and in spite of being there for his wife (somewhat) he struck up the affair again.

His wife died, and he called to tell his mistress and asked her to come to the funeral. It kind of made me wonder how people feel about this type of thing. I would not be accepting of that type of behavior, but yet I wonder how many people would be. I guess it’s hard to know unless you walk a mile in someone’s shoes.

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