This Year- 2016

December 28th, 2016

This morning I realized that this is the last week of 2016.   The last Wednesday, the last week, the last month.     This weekend, if all goes as planned, we’ll be ringing in a clean slate of potential and possibilities-  a new year.   2017.

What I do love is that every year serves to teach us something new.     For one close friend, my perception of the two things she learned the most from this year was:  to live your dreams now & to embrace the grey.   She has been admittedly a black or white kind of girl, but varying situations arose in her life and she’s found herself not only embracing the varying degrees of grey, but taking those lessons with her and continuing to thrive even more in her life.

For myself,   I took a moment and reflected on a few things I wrote last year to see what I have learned, what I’ve changed and what hasn’t.

On a work level, I’ve learned so much over the last year in regards to my small company.  I continue to learn and listen to feedback from clients, because while what I do is a part of who I am, the reason I bring what I do to others is because I love being able to share it with others, so what they want, need and think matters.    People always matter.    I look forward to 2017 bringing me much more inspiration and chances to learn and grow within my business and the connections around me.

On a personal level-   I realized that I was too distracted in life.    I enjoy doing so many things, but the truth is-   some of those things need to have time constraints put on them or it affects other things with a higher priority, so I’m continuing to learn about prioritizing.

I completed Whole 30, not once, but twice.  It’s life changing.    I highly recommend everyone try it.   It will make a difference in your life.

Exercise is still something I’m working on getting into a more regular routine with.    It was once something that was a part of my everyday life- and it has been hard to get back into the habit, but I’m doing it!     My body is thanking me for it as I continue to do more and more to get back in the full swing of things.

Relationships-    I value the people in my life SO much.    Some of those have shifted- not because we don’t care for each other, but I believe it’s the ebb and flow of life.    People change, their interests change, their outlooks change-   and sometimes we drift away, or closer to each other again.    The thing I’ve found is that it’s important to let people be who they are.    It isn’t about us.  We should all have the freedom to be who we want to be.

I want to invest more in my relationships, to strengthen and deepen the ones who already mean such a great deal to me, and to spend time investing in those that I would like to see deepen and grow into an even better relationship.

I have learned so much about human nature and other people, simply by observation.   Human nature fascinates me- so I find it extremely fascinating to see how people interact with each other, but also how they interact differently with various people.    I could write so much on this subject alone, but I’ll save that for a subject in 2017.

My favorite moments of this  year?  A few in a list:

  • I went sailing for the first time and absolutely adored it.    Thank you Marc.
  • Seeing two of my favorite people say “I DO” and being there to share in their special day.   From the bridal photos to the final clean up-  I wouldn’t have missed any of it.    Just typing this brings tears to my eyes.
  • Spending time with Samantha in New Orleans and everywhere in between.   It’s always so much fun.
  • Time spent with my chosen sister Shelley both in person and via telephone.   I cherish them all.
  • Receiving a box of pecans from my great aunt Lois.   She’s in her mid 80’s and she picked up and shelled them herself.   A true labor of love.
  • Discovering a place where I want to have a garden.   A place of peace, beauty and bliss.   I can’t wait for the opportunity to find the perfect spot and create something magical.
  • Spending time with my parents and Marcel hiking in Tishomingo State Park.
  • Dinner out with some of my friends from high school that I still have contact with.  so much fun!
  • Caroline and Eric surprising Marcel for his birthday.
  • Girl day with my girls for my birthday.
  • Having a renewed friendship with D. and H.  after more than three years of disconnect.

This is a brief list.   Truth is-   there are SO many wonderful things that happened this year, not only to me, but to those within my circle.   I love seeing them all thrive.

Next year-   more blog posts.   More fun.   Keep your eyes peeled!


2 Responses to “This Year- 2016”

  1. Bobby says:

    Sailing is so much fun!

  2. admin says:

    It really is- I love the open water and it is one of my favorite things <3

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