These Shoes are Made For Walkin’

June 24th, 2014

For a little longer than a week now, I’ve been walking 6 days a week-  4+ miles a day.    It feels amazing.   There are mornings when the alarm goes off for my walking adventure, that I think ‘ughhh, I’d rather sleep that extra hour’- but I push through- grab a cup of java through squinted eyes and slowly come to life.    Some days I walk alone, and others I have a companion or two.    It’s great to have friends who are literally around the corner who are also committed to walking and getting more exercise, so it adds some friend bonding time into the mix.   It’s a win-win all the way around.

My goal is to eventually boost the walks to twice a day-  which I’ll probably do after another couple of weeks- but right now- I’m not creating unrealistic goals- but instead doing something I enjoy and feeling fantastic.    Every choice matters-   and this is one that has me not only feeling better- but I’m certain I’m looking better.

What’s your favorite exercise routine?

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