The Sounds of Silence

July 27th, 2012

I’m not sure that it is ever really ‘silent’. Even in the depths of night- there are the sounds of the occasional car passing by, a plane flying over, water dripping, fridge and freezer kicking on- there’s always something, but there are those times- when it does seem as though the everyday ‘humm’ of life quietens and leaves behind this solitude of silence that is nothing short of beautiful.

Right now is one of those moments. It started raining about an hour and a half ago, which I would imagine sent most people retreating to thier homes on this Friday evening. I’m sitting comfortably outside- out of the rain and have been listening to the sound of it fall continually. It’s a peaceful sound, almost musical.

At the end of a busy week and tapping on the heels of a busy weekend and week, it’s welcome. Then again, I’m not sure if there is ever a time in my life when I don’t welcome silence and solitude..

Marcel is napping- after being up really early the past two mornings for work- and both animals are snoozing away. This silence gives me not only time to think, but also time to count my blessings- to which there are many.

Do you enjoy silence, or do you prefer there always to be some type of ‘noise’ happening in the background?

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