The Sky is the Limit

July 3rd, 2013

Most of you know that a few months ago I invested in a Fitbit One so that I could have a more visual idea of the type of daily activity I was getting.   I absolutely love it.   I will admit that I’m still getting used to remembering to put it on- since I tend to change several times throughout the day- and I don’t always remember to switch it from one pair of pants to the next, but it has made a huge difference in my activity levels.

For various reasons I’ve been less active this year and I knew it was time to make some changes to get me back towards my goals of continued good health- and of course, shedding a few pounds.    It has taken a lot of thought and self-examination, but I’m finally there- on the journey that I want to be on.     The great thing is that I kept ‘wishing’ to meet some people in my area with the same health goals- and wouldn’t you know- a few weeks ago that happened.     The sky is the limit.



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