The Not So Intentional Stillness

March 19th, 2014

This is one of those ‘on location’ posts, and this time the location happens to be the comforts of the sofa, with iPhone in hand. (Thank goodness for the WordPress app.)

Those who know me personally know that I am a lefty, and as it so happens my left arm is currently sporting not one, but two braces, in promotion of healing.

I love to relax and have my ‘down’ time just like the next person, but there is definitely such of ‘too much’, as is the case here.

My left arm is on complete house arrest- with the key letters being REST!! I thought I could try not using my arm, but that hasn’t worked, resulting in aforementioned braces and a banishment to the sofa and/or bed, whichever strikes my fancy.

Marcel has been a champ, and has been taking care of everything, including cooking- after a couple of impromptu cooking lessons. My mother in law has the dog while Marcel is working, and it has been Mister M. and I.

I realize that I don’t make a good person of rest, but I know my body (arm) needs it to heal so I’m doing my best.

Arm aside- the rest of me wants to write a few hand-written letters, a couple of articles, plus I have some fantastic ideas for cakes and caramels. (Excess time makes for good brainstorming sessions.) Thankfully, I have amazing friends who have not only offered to come bring food, but also to come help do anything in house that needs doing. I love them for that, and also for their patience in me not being able to come out and ‘play’.

It isn’t for lack of desire, that’s for sure.

I believe all experiences have lessons, and this has not only been teaching (I say that because I still don’t have it down pat) me patience, but also the importance of doing what my body needs and requires of me, even if not convenient.

Mostly, more than ever- I am fully aware of just how blessed I am.

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