The Missing Pieces

November 21st, 2016

As a storm rages outside-   minimal hurricane force winds, rain and the occasional hail –  I’m tucked away comfortably behind the laptop, a very content Mister Mistoffelees beside me.    For quite some time now, I’ve had this ebb and flow of feeling discombobulated.   I ‘feel’ good-  but I seem to have this consistent inability to land on any one thought for a very long period of time, before my head races off to something else.

Something has been not exactly right- but I haven’t been able to piece together what is keeping my thought process so busy.    I don’t watch the news, haven’t for years.  I am not using Facebook at the moment outside of my business page, but what could it be?

I have daily contact with my parents, regular contact with most of my favorite people-   yet, while I feel content in many areas of my life-  I still feel as though my head is a constant spinning of thoughts and ideas that never seem to come to a standstill.

Then, a few days ago it hit me.  A dear friend mentioned a few struggles she was having, and another friend suggested she ‘write it out’.   I immediately chimed in at how helpful it is for me-   and how ‘writing it out’ had helped me through numerous obstacles in life.  I even suggested she check out 750 words if she wanted to have a purging of emotions without anyone reading it outside of her.      That had been particularly helpful to me years ago when I went through a very difficult struggle dealing with the expectations of a few others.

It didn’t hit me at that moment, but as I was having a cup of tea yesterday-   I realized the one thing that I wasn’t doing now that I’d done for as long a I could remember-   I’d stopped writing.

I have always loved writing for as long as I can remember.    Long before computer days,  I would write my deepest thoughts in my diary.  Long before all the constant distractions of the digital world.   Before blogs were a ‘thing’-  I had a blog.    It was back in 2003-2004 when it first came to be.   It was a wonderful outlet to share about my life, and at the same time-   connect with others who were also doing the same thing.     In that time- some of us formed friendships that I still have to this day.

The missing pieces- have been that I’m not ‘writing it out’.     The good-  The bad- the ugly- the beautiful.    Foodie ideas, photography ideas, life ideas-   how to be a better me ideas-   and the list goes on.     SO much has been spinning in my head-   bouncing from one list to another- as one gets checked off- always five more things waiting to jump on a list.

The missing pieces–  writing it out..      As Glenda the Good Witch once said to Dorothy-   You’ve had the power all along ..  and so have I.

I am excited to see where this new realization takes me.  My head feels lighter already!

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