THE King of Vanilla

January 26th, 2014

I wrote recently about the joy of an experience I had, without going into a lot of details at the time.    I promised to come back later and write about it, but for some reason, time has been running away from me, leaving me less time to write than I had anticipated.    Here I am, finally, holding true to that promise.

Without boring you with all of the details, I had a rare opportunity, through my business to be able to have a behind the scenes look at how “THE” vanilla people, Nielsen Massey do things.    I have been a huge fan of their products for years, many years to be exact, and after a little emailing back and forth, I was given the opportunity for a meeting at their European headquarters and a tour of the factory.

It was in my top ten- life experiences, right there along with swimming with the dolphins, zip lining with my mom, and hot air ballooning.   Amazing!   I learned so much, and while I had an appreciation for the product, I now have a deep appreciation for the company and the owners.    I literally had a huge sense of family feeling, in those few hours I spent there.

I also left feeling more inspired than ever, and look forward to trying some of their other flavored extracts, which I know are going to take my recipes to yet another level.     If you haven’t ever tried their products, I highly recommend that you do.   You can find them a Williams-Sonoma or other specialty stores.

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