The Gift of Words

August 24th, 2015

Something I admittedly don’t give a lot of thought to is how other people see me.    I am a work-in-progress (as we all are), but I know that I am a good person, I live life with good intentions and never seek to hurt someone.  I’m far from perfect, but I live a very blessed and grateful life.     If I don’t feel something is working for me, then I also am aware that the power is within me to change it, and not someone else.

Occasionally, someone will send me a random note out of the blue and they will give me the gift of telling me how they see me from their eyes.      Most of the time it’s something positive-   but if I am ‘getting off track’ to what is true to how I try to live, plus my character, there have been a few who have let me know that as well.      I’m grateful for that, because at times we get caught up in things and don’t always ‘see’ those little things that eventually add up to ‘big things’.

Last week, I received a note from a long-time friend.   It is someone who I feel knows me very well, and also someone who I value greatly as a friend.   We don’t have the opportunity to talk often, but we both know that our friendship is something we both care about.

I never ‘think’ about some things-   they just ‘are’.      In the message to me-   without going into all the details- she shared that one of the things that draws people to me is my sensitivity and authenticity.

It wasn’t an anticipated message, and quite honestly when someone writes something about me, I always pause to think about it.    I think about if their words resonate with me-   if it is something I feel is truth for me- a truth for them, or both of us.

In this case-   it’s clear she knows me well.   To know me is to know that I am highly sensitive.   I can feel things are ‘off’ even when I’m being told otherwise.     I could write an entire post about this subject alone, but today I’ll spare you.

Instead-   I’ll move to authentic.     It’s not something I think about-    It’s something that I ‘am’.      It’s interesting though, authenticity-  because people don’t always meet authentic with arms wide open-  especially if it doesn’t jive with their thoughts and ideas.    I am ok with that.    That isn’t about me-

I have never had a need to go along with something ‘just because’ it was what other people were doing-     I don’t need to be approved by other people- because I approve of myself.   Being ‘me’ is enough for me-    and ‘keeping it real’ is part of that.      I know it isn’t always the ‘popular’ thing, but I don’t mind about that either.    I do what works for me.

Her words were a gift to me-     as are all words spoken to me, from another persons perspective of who I am.    It gives me the chance to pause-   ‘check myself’ and keep it real with myself-    and make adjustments as necessary.  All part of the learning and ‘work in progress’ part of life.     I am so grateful for that opportunity-   we all should be.

So it makes me wonder-    when someone tells you something about ‘you’ through their eyes-  be it something complimentary or not, How do YOU respond?   Do you take it as an opportunity to pause, learn and grow-  or do you immediately dismiss it?

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