The Fragility of Life

July 31st, 2013

A few days ago I actually started this post- but at the time was unable to finish it. Today, when I came back to finish the words, they didn’t seem to fit the moment (now), so I decided to start anew.

This past weekend mom called me to give me the unpleasant news that my cousin had passed away suddenly. She wasn’t ill, and was fairly young (in her 50’s), so it was a huge shock for all of us. My heart breaks for Ronald and her girls, who I know are devastated.

I, personally wasn’t close to my cousin, but she was family and it’s a person taken suddenly from those who love them dearly. This really reminded me of Carol and everything that happened with her, and ironically- Ronald and Denny have been best friends a major portion of thier lives, and both lost their wives suddenly- all family. The circumstances were different, but the loss- a gaping hole in the lives of those left behind.

I guess as we become older, we really realize just how fragile life is. I’ve been thinking a lot about how just how fast it can be over- no planning, no chances to make amends for all the things we’ve said and done that we regret, no chances to make sure those who we love know just how much they mean to us.

When I look around me and I see some of the bitterness and anger that people carry around- and often over the stupidest of things, it makes me wonder, if the person they felt so ‘right’ and ‘justified’ about being angry towards was gone tomorrow- just how they would feel. Would all the lost time be worth it?

We have RIGHT NOW- that’s all you know for sure. That’s all any of us know for sure, so it’s best to make it count. Ten years from now- is that ‘something’ you felt you had to be ‘right’ about really going to be worth it? My guess is, more than likely not.

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