The Flight Home and TSA

November 18th, 2010

I have so much to share but my time on the computer is limited so I’ll probably make shorter posts about specific subjects instead of one broad post filled with lots of babble.

I always get a little stressed when I fly, mostly because I cringe at the thought of lost luggage and flight delays, but yet I know it’s all part of flying and can happen to anyone.   Thankfully, this trip went off without a hitch and our flights went great with the exception of a little turbulence heading into Atlanta that made me nauseated. 

The media is filled with the body scan and pat down protests and issues over the entire idea and I can say that I went through both.   I had a body scan at or originating flight, along with the pat down and I don’t see the big deal. 

The body scan is like an x-ray.  I saw the image of myself and what I think people don’t realize is that the image looks the exact same for everyone.  It’s a grey x-ray image and the body size of each person who passes through it isn’t reflective of the body size of the person.   You can’t see bones, body cavity’s, breasts, muscles or anything else.    Your body is one grey- mass and in this particular scan- anything that is of  question shows up at a bright yellow spot.   The larger the item of suspicion the larger the spot.    I had on a necklace with a sterling silver bean.  It showed up yellow.    I also had a sterling charm bracelet on with lots of charms and it was a HUGE silver dot.   Same for my rings and also the watch I had on. 

They were very kind and asked if it would be ok to do a body pat down and I was more than happy to say yes.   The female officer patted me down, and I didn’t feel voilated in the least.   I was on my way within 30 seconds max.

When I got to Atlanta, the same thing, only this time they didn’t have the body scan operating.   The man said they would have to do a pat down and he called a female TSA agent to do it.   I laughed and told him it must be my lucky day because it was my second pat down of the day.  

Marcel walked through and they never touched him.  No pat down necessary in ATL, although he did one at our originating airport.    I asked the TSA agent who patted me down if they’d received a lot of resistance from people and she said they really hadn’t.   I commented abut how it was all over the media- and we came to the same agreement that the media is blowing it wayout of proportion based on those few people who are protesting this.

I’m not against it-  Some people would probably say that they discriminated against me because they chose me to pat down and yet didn’t pat down Marcel.   Even mom was unsure why, but I know why.    Marcel was wearing clothes that fit close to his body and I was not.  My pants and shirt were large and there was plenty of room to hide something without it being discovered.  

I don’t feel like any freedoms are being violated, especially when it comes to making this country more secure.   It only takes a second and trust me, it isn’t a big deal.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

3 Responses to “The Flight Home and TSA”

  1. Bobby says:

    You know this is the world in which we live.

    Looking back we never had to worry about flying but it has become such a target that we give up our normal day to day rights.

    Unfortunate. I appreciate the safety precautions. I wish it wasn’t an issue.

    Glad you made it here SAFE!!!!


  2. admin says:

    I agree with you Bobby- There are so many things we didn’t have to worry about looking back. I was just talking to mom and dad about that yesterday. So many things we didn’t have to think about that we have to consider in this day and age. One would think that people would want our world to be safe, but I guess there are always the crazies.

    I’m glad we’re safe too. :)


  3. mub says:

    Last time I went home I seriously felt molested =( I prefer the body scan machines.

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