That Time Again

March 14th, 2011

One would think that with all the tax commercials on television right now that I would have started thinking about it being tax season weeks ago. Technically, I guess I ‘did’ think about it, but that was pretty much as far as it went. Mom asked me a while back to start gathering my papers together because we have an appointment tomorrow with the accountant. I’d love to be able to say that I jumped right on that, but truth is- I didn’t.

Now I have one day to find everything (luckily I keep most everything in a centralized place), so that we can get everything done. I’m hoping, praying and crossing my fingers that I won’t end up paying a lot this year, although something tells me it may be more than I anticipated. The upside is that if I can’t find my paperwork in time, I can always file for a irs tax extension, which would actually give me (or you if the shoe fits) until October to file. I’m pretty certain that won’t be the case in my situation, but I’m happy to know that the option exists if I need it.

Have y’all filed your taxes yet? I hope it went well. Maybe it’s some of the new tax laws that are making me nervous, but I guess tomorrow I’ll know for sure. I hope we all fare well.

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