July 19th, 2013

Happy Friday y’all! It’s another sunny day in the land of Never, and looks like summer has finally arrived in all its glory. This week has been absolutely gorgeous. Marcel has had a few days off and I’ve encouraged him to take the time and go fishing. It’s one of his favorite summer past times, so on his off days, he’s been spending a few hours soaking up the sun and dipping his fishing pole into the canal near our home.

As for me, I’ve been somewhat in this quiet, introspective kind of mood. I have a lot on my mind, and since I don’t have any pressing engagements, I’m taking the time to think and really analyze a few changes that I see on the horizon and which plan will work the best. More on that at a later date. I tend to get quiet when I am really in a deep thought process and I’m grateful for the time to be able to do just that.

In addition- we’ve started making vacation plans and I am definitely excited about all the possibities at our fingertips. I have several travel books and the research and decision making will begin. Plus, on top of all that, I’ve been looking at paint colors and doing some sketches for some home improvements. Once I’m done, Marcel and I will sit down and discuss what he thinks about them and we’ll compromise and go from there. Much happening here, and that’s just the tip of the iceburg. What’s happening in your corner of the world?

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