Ten Years Later- Remembering Hurricane Katrina

August 30th, 2015

Yesterday was the ten year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina-

Rather than writing a wordy post on my thoughts-   (there are always many), I’ll share with you, instead, what I posted on my public Facebook page yesterday.  It sums up so much.

As I sit in reflection of the ten year anniversary of Katrina, I have many thoughts. I remember the destruction, loss, fear, helpless-feelings and uncertainty as the Gulf Coast as we knew it was changed for good.

The one thing I am reminded of time and time again when I hear stories of each persons experience, is the resilience, hope, and determination.

No one cared what your day job was, what your political or religious views were, the color of your skin or your country of birth. It did not matter.

People came together to help each other, to do what they could for their neighbor and fellow man. The bonded together to rebuild lives, communities, homes- committed to rebuilding a better Gulf Coast.

They succeeded and continue to do so.

I can’t help but think that if we, as people, would get out of our own heads and egos, forget all the ‘stuff’ that tears us apart, and come together as a whole- commit ourselves to the process, that bigger and better things would happen beyond the realms of comprehension.



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