Taste of the South

August 18th, 2009

After staying up way too late last night working on a new project sample, and watching two episodes of last seasons Survivor, I was up this morning and hit the ground running. We made plans to go visit Marcel’s uncle Pierre tonight and I generally try to bake him a little something to give when we arrive. Since Pierre isn’t from the south, I tend to find myself wanting to bake him southern goodies, and today was no exception. As I type this, I have one of my southern favorites- Buttermilk Pound Cake in the oven, and hopefully it will turn out well so that I can take it to Pierre tonight.

I know he loves Pound cake, and I’ve made him Whipping Cream Pound Cake in the past, but I don’t think I’ve ever made and shared the Buttermilk. It reminds me of home, of mom, and of the holidays, since it has been a staple in our household during the holidays for almost as long as I can remember. The cake is good alone, but is also great served with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

Rather than making it in a tube pan, the way I usually do, I decided to make four mini-loaves and one regular sized loaf, which will be easier to freeze. I’ll probably keep the regular sized loaf pan, since the pan wasn’t completely full, and I’ll keep that one here for Marcel. I’ll slice it, wrap each piece individually, and toss them in a freezer bag, and off to the freezer they go. They are also perfect if you have last minute company and nothing in house to serve them.

I’ll share the recipe a little later, but right now I’d better go have a peek on the baking process.

I love things that remind me of home- The smell wafting through the house at the moment is heavenly.

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