Survivor- Fans -vs- Favorites

May 17th, 2013

Rarely do I talk about television shows on here-  but sometimes something happens and I just can’t help myself.     I will admit that there are not many reality TV shows that I follow-   The world seems to have become inundated with them and most of them are just flat out crazy, but Survivor is different, at least to me.

I’ve followed it since the very first season.  The season where Richard Hatch walked around naked- and Rudy- the ex Navy seal stole my heart at the age of 72 years old.      I’ve watched every single season-   I’ve cheered with some of the victories, and yelled at some of the seeming injustful moments.     It goes without saying that Survivor has a piece of my heart.

Several years ago-   I had the opportunity to sit down for a while and chat with J.T.   one of the million dollar winnars.    He was able to answer some of the questions for me that I had always wondered about-   including sharing a little insight on some of the players that I really had to know what they were ‘really like’.   I’m happy to say that J.T. was just as sweet in person as he was on the show- and since I met him in a one-on-one environment- outside of the spotlights and hooplah of television- I felt I really got to see a piece of the real guy and what his life really is like now-  post Survivor.

This season was no different.. I watched every week and actually found that this season had quite a few players that I found myself really rooting for.   Rarely is there more than two that I want to win-  but between John Cochran-  Malcom- and Brenda, I couldn’t decide.  I even liked Dawn and wouldn’t have minded her winning, but honestly- I was THRILLED to see Cochran win..   When I heard the first three votes-  I knew that he had received every single vote to win.   I admit- I cried.   I felt his joy-   the full-circle moment for him of watching the game as a teenager- and not only playing the game that he’d written his Harvard thesis on- but coming back the second time and winning.

I’ll admit that being on Survivor is a dream of mine..  Have I tried out?  NO, and I don’t plan on doing so- the reason why-   HUGE spiders..   I would get voted out the first week because they’d want me to stop screaming everytime I saw a spider.    Plus after hearing some of the behind the scenes stuff– it probably wouldn’t be just the spiders that scared me.  There are lots of creepy crawlies in the jungle..   and also stinky people-   neither are a good combination for me :)

So I’ll sit on the sidelines and continue to be a fan-   cheering my favorite player (or players) in hopes of them playing the perfect social and strategic game and walking away with the cool million.

September isn’t that far away-   Blood -vs- Water.   That one has me intrigued.

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