February 19th, 2011

Two days ago on Facebook, I saw that someone I’ve known for several years announced that it was an amazing concept, but the best way to actually lose weight was diet and exercise. I haven’t seen her in quite some time, but it always makes me happy when I see people wanting to change their lives for the better, even if I don’t know them.

I can’t tell you how many recipes I’ve changed to be more ‘healthy’ over the years in this journey of mine, not just because I wanted to lose weight but also because I want to be healthy and ultimately, hopefully live longer.

The thing that surprised me is that one friend of hers in particular, and someone that I don’t know at all, suggested that she skip the excercise and start taking weight loss supplements because she said it worked much faster. I am a firm believer that everyone should work their own program and do what works for them- because we are all different and so are our bodies, but sometimes the best path to take isn’t the one that gets you there the fastest.

The most important thing when you are on a journey like this- SUPPORT from those who love you.

One Response to “Support”

  1. Maggie says:

    Simply, I applaud this post

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