Sunshine On My Shoulders

March 16th, 2010

I was so happy to see that the clouds this morning parted and the blue skies and sunshine filled the afternoon. The temperatures have started rising and I actually had a difficult time sitting inside this afternoon doing any work. What I really wanted to do was go for a run on the beach, or find myself in a car headed to destinations unknown. Instead, I finished my work early and then after dinner Marcel and I took JJ for a long walk. We invited his mom to go along with us, but I think next time Marcel and I will go alone. It was far too much of a distraction for JJ to have more than us with him on the walk.

I did take his ‘balley balley’ along (his little red ball) and he had a great time chasing it. He also tried to chase a person on a bicycle and also a bird or two, but I didn’t allow that. Now the poor little guy is exhausted and snoring peacefully.

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