Sunshine and Coffee

January 30th, 2013

There is something to be said about days that begin with sunshine and coffee- at least for me. Both generate warmth- and an overall feeling of bliss and simple joy. Those two little things are how I started my day and it did set a positive tone for the rest of the day and the things that followed.

It wasn’t long after the sunshine (and during the first cup of coffee), that Marcel informed me that last night when he had gone out for the late night walk with JJ that he’d accidentally broke the key off in the door. He didn’t notice it last night, but we were having quite the storm so he attributes at least part of the problem to that. So I looked up a number to a locksmith- who thankfully could come right out and within two hours he was here and gone. It was one of those ‘necessary’ things- that literally took the guy 2 minutes to get the key out of the lock and be on his way. Of course, not before he walked away almost $100.00 richer. Still- in spite of that little setback- I’m still basking in the sunshine and solitude at the moment.

He picked up a few things for his mom so he could do a few little jobs around her place- and I’m enjoying the quiet time. Tonight’s dinner is going to be some loaded potato soup. When we were in Gatlinburg/ Pigeon Forge right after Christmas- we went to a shop that had some soup mix from the Old Mill. I sampled the loaded baked potato soup- and ended up leaving with it and the broccoli-cheese as well. It’s one of those easy-peasy dinner nights and I don’t think it gets much easier than mixing up this soup. Add a little baked whole-grain French bread and we’ve got ourselves a delicous meal.

So what’s happening in your corner of the world?

2 Responses to “Sunshine and Coffee”

  1. Sunny says:

    Hi Lori ~ I’m taking some time out to do some blog reading this afternoon….Happy New Year to you and Marcel :) !! Sunshine and solitude and warmth are soooo nice, yes ?!
    Wow, $100.00 for 2 minutes work. I guess they can charge that much as it’s a service we really desperatly need, if we have a broken key stuck in the door lock!
    Glad you had a super nice visit again in the states. :) Hugs, Sunny

  2. admin says:

    Happy New Year!! *hugs* I just had a visit to your blog too- I’m trying to start spnding more time reading and writing-

    I am happy to see you are writing- and I’ll definitely be checking back over there more.. <3

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