Sunshine After the Snow

January 31st, 2015

Yesterday afternoon the snow started to fall-   huge fluffy white flakes of beauty.    Granted, the temps weren’t high enough for any of it to stick, but it was beautiful to see.    Had I not been in the middle of getting dinner finished and another number of household goddess things- I probably would have taken a pause-  went outside, and tried to catch a snowflake or three on my tongue.    I didn’t and this morning there is no evidence that even the first snowflake fell to the ground.

The snowflakes have been replaced with blue skies and sunshine-   the sea gulls flying past hoping for a quick meal of stale bread.    The trees are barren, and yet so beautiful.

As I sit and watch the birds sail past- and the clouds float aimlessly across the blue skies-  I can’t help but think about how there is so much contrast between yesterday afternoon and this morning.

Yes, it’s still winter.   The trees are still barren and it’s cold outside.    But-   the grey skies are gone-   and so are the huge beautiful tufts of snow falling from the skies- replaced by the beauty of winter blue skies.

Is there a point to this you may be wondering-   and the answer is yes.    I try to pay attention to life-   It swirls around us- and often times we get so caught up in the distractions all around us- that we don’t see the forest for the trees – so to speak.

I like to believe that when we are paying attention- there are lessons in everything.  Some of them are little, and some, much larger.

In the contrast observation-  it stirs a realization within me that is reflective of something I read a few days ago-    Nothing stays the same..    The world-  situations-  our lives-  our choices-  are constantly shifting, changing and it’s up to us to adapt to them-   to embrace them as tools for growth (or not).

It brings me to the thought of how, at times we feel as though we are faced with so much that we can’t possibly get through-    I’ve been there myself-  haven’t we all?    But the reality is-  while a situation may be what it is-   we can choose to view it in another light-  approach it from a different angle- or even realize that the season, the moment, the whatever-it-is-  shall pass.

That is guaranteed-   so when you feel you are at your wits in-   say a prayer-  and hold on.   It will change-  It’s the nature of life.

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