Sunny Saturday

March 21st, 2009

It’s a gorgeous Saturday here in Neverland. The skies are blue, looks like there is little to no breeze, and I’m noticing more and more green as plant life begins to ‘spring forward’.


I’m enjoying the silence this morning. Mister M. is curled up in a ball sleeping beside me, and Marcel ‘was’ sleeping, but as I am typing this, I heard him walking to the bathroom, which means that he’ll be up in a moment and want his computer. Guess that means I’m going to have to make this fast.


We do have tenative plans today for going hiking. I guess you could call it hiking, it’s through this nature preserve in our area, and there’s a hilly area through the sand dunes. I have the urge to climb this particular daunting sand dune, just to see if I can. Regardless of what we do, I know it will be a great day, and I’m ready to spend it outside in the sunshine.


Marcel is up, and he has on his ‘grumpy pants’. I’d better give him his laptop as not to add to his ‘grumpiness’.


What was I saying about silence ? heehee

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