Sunglasses for Marcel

June 25th, 2010

A few days ago we were in the car and poor Marcel put on his sunglasses and part of the arm fell off. I guess that’s what you call that thing that extends out from the actual glass part itself and goes behind your ear. It broke off about half way and he was not a happy camper. In fact, since then he’s been wearing them in the car with half the arm missing. My favorite guy only wears sunglasses in the car, unlike me, who wears them everywhere I go, rain or shine. I promised him a pair of Ray Bans so we are going to have to find the right pair and then I’ll order them. I teasedhim the other day and asked if I should also plan to order him a pair of prescription eyeglasses as well since he ran through a yellow light, which turned red about the time we got under it. I said that surely he must need glasses if he didn’t see the light change. Somehow he didn’t find a lot of humor to that, yet surprisingly I did. Maybe he’ll think next time before he does that, although it’s doubtful. Either way, I’ve found some great Ray Bans, now we just need to decide which ones he wants and order them.

One Response to “Sunglasses for Marcel”

  1. Bobby says:

    I have a “Thing” for sunglasses. My collection takes up my entire top drawer of my dresser. I STILL have my vuarnets from the 80’s. My Ray Bans and about a gazillion pairs of Oakleys.

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