Stranded At Aloha

July 15th, 2010

This past weekend, after our traditional dinner out, we headed to none other than Aloha.   It had been a pretty warm day and we’d heard that there were some storms rolling in, but there was no way we were going to let that stop us from going to the beach.   

As you can see from the picture on the left, we were having a great time and after taking several pictures with Desere and the guys, I jumped in the middle of them and had them act like they were kissing me.    It was hilarious and the people around us were laughing.     I was trying to have this ‘holy cow’ look on my face, and I thought it was cute.

It wasn’t long after this picture was taken, that we noticed the lightning really start in the distance.  I used my ‘eye’ to look at the radar and there were storms coming.   Even knowing they were headed our way, we still stayed.   When we felt the first drop or two of rain, we made a mad dash to the inside of Aloha to scout a great seat.   It is small inside and we knew that if everyone else stayed that it will fill up fast.    That’s exactly what happened.   The people who could have left didn’t want to, and once the storm arrived, no one could leave, at least no one in their right mind.

The front of Aloha is glass, so it was fun to watch the lightning flicker across the water.  The thunder was wonderful and I commented more than once that I would love to spend the night.   The storm roared on for a while and then finally at about 11:30, after several other people had fared the weather and headed out, Marcel and Hein went to get the car.    The gate was open so we knew they could come down to the beach, so we waited five minutes and headed out.

When we walked outside, the DJ was there in his car to pick up his girlfriend.  He offered us a ride back out to the road, but we declined.   We ran through the rain and sand to get out to the street and found Marcel and Hein there waiting on us.    Our feet were soaking wet, but we had a blast and I wouldn’t change a thing.   I love storms and this was a perfect night for them.

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