Starting to Plan

February 24th, 2010

In about a month or so, I’ll start looking at the price of plane tickets for Marcel and my two month vacation home for the holidays. As soon as I find a price that I’m happy with, I’ll book the flight and once the flights are booked the trip becomes real to me. Until then, I always have the feeling that anything could change at any time, which in reality it could even after the tickets are booked, but for some reason I never give it much thought once I have that email confirmation that my flights have been paid for.

The one thing that I really am NOT thrilled about are the airline policies these days on checked luggage. For a two month vacation, one piece of luggage each obviously isn’t enough, and it’s frustrating to have to pay for an extra piece when it used to be included in the price of your ticket. Since the price has to be paid for each direction of the trip, we’ve decided that we’ll just check one bag on the way and then pay to check shipping boxes on the way back. The price of the boxes are never expensive, plus they are sturdy, and generally you can add more to the boxes than a suitcase. We just need to make sure we don’t go over the weight limit, which is yet another story all it’s own.

We defintely won’t be bringing stuff home for everyone under the sun this trip, although I admit that I’m already starting my shopping list of things to buy for myself. I don’t think I’ll hold out until November to travel though, so I think we’re going to plan a get away sometime in the near future.

One Response to “Starting to Plan”

  1. mub says:

    Oh the new bag surcharge has made steam come out of my ears. It would be one thing if they were providing BETTER service for the prices they charge, but they keep cutting back and RAISING the prices.


    Okay, sorry. I feel better now that I’ve had my screaming rant ;)

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