Spring has Arrived

March 20th, 2009

The title pretty much sums up my thoughts this morning when Iwoke up at 7 to get in the guest bed because of Marcel’s snoring. 


I walked into the living room, that was lit up from the sunshine, and when I looked out the plate glass window, I could see that it was going to be a gorgeous day.   I almost stayed up so that I could begin enjoying what I know is going to be a beautiful day, but after last nights excitement (that you can read about here), I had a problem getting sleepy, much less actually falling asleep. I finally fell into a slumber around 3:45 a.m., so getting up at seven would have me begging for a nap mid-afternoon. So, I went back to sleep, and managed to get 3 more hours. Now I’m ready to take on the world.


I’d noticed the yellow film on our car a few days ago, which is a sure sign that Mother Nature is working her magic, but it looks like overnight the trees are waking up from their winter slumber and are starting to come to life, and it inspires me.


I’ve been asked many times what my favorite season is, and I have never been able to narrow it down to one particular season. Each season is so unique- in they all have a beauty that is reserved for their specific time of the year. I love them all, each for their individuality. My allergies may beg to differ, after all, spring is not the most ‘allergy friendly’ time of the year, but the little inconvenience of allergy issues are nothing compared to the beauty of the season that I’m given in return. After all, even roses have thorns, but it doesn’t make them any less beautiful.


Has spring arrived in your part of the world? It’s easy in this hustle-n-bustle world that we live in for one season to pass into another, without us ever even noticing, aside from the obvious weather changes. Take some time out of your busy schedule and really open your eyes and look around- see the beauty that awaits to be discovered. There are only 24 hours in a day- we are all given the same amount of time, but it’s what we do with that time that matters. Make each and every moment count.

3 Responses to “Spring has Arrived”

  1. sarah says:

    spring is trying to come here but it’s slow. That’s ok though as long as it comes. lol!

  2. Sammi says:

    Spring is starting to spring here, but it’s not fully sprung yet. I’m anxiously waiting – it’s such a great time of year, for so many reasons!

  3. goindutch says:

    all the evidence of spring azaleas, dogwoods, and other flowers not to mention the everpresent POLLEN

    unfortuneately love bugs will be next

    but all is worth it in Gods creation

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