Speaking of Cats

August 17th, 2009

After sharing the photo of the ever-so-magnificent Mister Mistoffelees, I couldn’t help but think about an lolcats article that I read. If you love cats, you’ll find yourself LOLing quite a bit. I know I have been. Lately, it seems like most of my time has been going towards the projects here and there that I have pending, but I can’t help but stop in for a little laugh every once in a while.

Now that I’m mentioning time- it looks like as the fall and winter months start rolling around that I may have less time to spend online if things work out the way that I am anticipating. I have several new work projects in the making that will definitely take a major chunk of my time, but it’s something that I know will be not only fun, but rewarding. We’ll see where it takes me over the next few months, but I’m excited.

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